Respawn Begins Teasing Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Announcement

Our first look at Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is days away, with an official reveal planned for Star Wars Celebration. The Celebration panel will take place on April 13, but ahead of that big event the studio and EA have updated the official site with a new look at the game’s logo, and dropped a clue on social media.

As you might expect, the new logo puts a heavy emphasis on the word “Jedi,” as the order of warrior-monks is one of the most enduring parts of Star Wars pop culture. One of the few details we know about Jedi Fallen Order is that you play as a Padawan–essentially a rookie Jedi–who survived the Emperor’s purge in Revenge of the Sith.

The EA Star Wars Twitter account also dropped its own teaser, which appears to show an image of a shrouded lightsaber and the phrase “Don’t stand out.” This is likely a reference to the story, in which the remaining Jedi have gone into hiding. This game is said to be set against a backdrop of a dark time for the galaxy, as the Emperor consolidates his power and hunts down the few remaining Jedi. We don’t have a name or other identifying information about the protagonist, so it’s difficult to say yet how this new story will tie into the main narrative of the saga.

Respawn’s Star Wars game is one of the last remaining in production that we know of from EA, after the publisher canceled Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game and then shuttering an open-world Star Wars project. Respawn itself is having a big year, not only with Jedi Fallen Order slated for this holiday season, but also with the surprise-hit Apex Legends.

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