Valve apologizes for spoiling Street Fighter’s roster reveal

Valve has formally apologized for a publishing error that outed the next three fighters coming to Street Fighter 5’s roster. “We are fans of Street Fighter ourselves and we’re sorry for the error,” the company says.

Last week, a video went up on Steam revealing that fan favorites Poison, and E. Honda are coming to the game, along with newcomer Lucia. This weekend is Evo 2019, the time of year when Capcom and other fighting game publishers save their big announcements. After the slip-up earlier this week, Yoshinori Ono, the longtime producer and public face of the series, seemed genuinely wounded by the spoiled reveal.

Valve promised that it’s put safeguards in place to keep this sort of thing from happening again. Retail errors are a common source of industry leaks, but it’s rare for them to be acknowledged like this. Anyway, the fighters are available today.
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