Control review: Intriguing supernatural combat with a lacklustre story

There’s something surprisingly satisfying about running around a mysterious bureau with nothing but clues as to what happened to it.

That is part of the experience in Remedy Entertainment’s Control, a supernatural action game which gives the player control of Jesse Faden.

Her backstory is repeated a lot in the game, which allows you to not be too confused as you explore the mazes of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Control’s gameplay is fun at times and once you come to unlock every ability, the game throws more powerful enemies at you to make it fair.

Unfortunately, these enemies don’t feel as varied as they should be and because of that I feel that the gameplay can, unfortunately, feel pretty repetitive at later times in the game.

In one of the game’s boss battles, I’ve hidden behind massive block pillars for cover and seen it slowly destroyed and crumble as the boss threw objects at me.

This tension was some of the most fun I’ve had in a boss battle in a while. Not to mention that you can just throw an enemy through a window if you feel like it and having that kind of power gives me euphoria – the likes I haven’t had since Radical’s Prototype 2.

The Verdict – 4/5

Reviewed on PC

• Great atmosphere with a superlative environment
• Supernatural combat gets your blood pumping
• Mind-blowing destruction and reactive objects

• Lacklustre plot
• Gameplay can feel repetitive at times

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