Days Gone Game Wiki: PS4 Trophy Hunters ultimate guide to PlayStation’s Days Gone

Days Gone Hordes

• How to kill Days Gone hordes and earn the One Down trophy

Hordes are the biggest threat in Days Gone so it’s best that you have a plan when it comes to taking them down. This guide will help teach you the best tactics to kill hordes.

Days Gone Bosses

• How to kill the Freaker boss, The Breaker

The Breaker is one of the first bosses you’ll encounter in the game and he’s quite hard. The article above outlines some tactics to help you take him down.

• How to kill the Zombie Bear, The Rager

The infected wildlife of Oregon is almost as big an issue as the freaks, the Rager bear is going to be one of the most deadly enemies in game so read this guide to know hows best to face it.

Days Gone Camps

• How to Increase Trust, Turn in Bounties and use the Kitchen

In order to survive in the apocalypse, you’ll need to build alliances with camps, read the article above to find out how to do this and why it’s so important. 

Days Gone Historical Markers 

• All Historical Marker Map Locations – How to earn The Broken Roadshow PS4 Trophy

Once the world of Days Gone was a world filled with historical landmarks but now all that remains are the markers celebrating them, read this guide to track down all 43 of them.

Days Gone NERO Checkpoints

• NERO Research Site Checkpoints and how to find the Injector to increase health

NERO checkpoints are crucial to upgrade your health, stamina and focus but with only twelve scattered around the huge world they’re quite hard to find, here’s a guide to help you out.

Days Gone DLC

 When is PlayStation’s free Days Gone DLC released?

Everything you need to know about Sony Bend Studio’s plans to release free DLC for Days Gone.

Days Gone 2

Will Days Gone have a sequel on PS5?

Sony have hinted that Sony Bend Studio might one day return to Days Gone again in the future… 

Days Gone Multiplayer

 Will multiplayer come to Bend Studio’s open-world zombie game?

Days Gone impresses with its vast open-world and intriguing storyline, but will a multiplayer mode be added to what is currently a single-player only experience?

Days Gone on Xbox One

Is Days Gone coming to Xbox One?

Want to know if Days Gone will ever make it to Xbox One? You should read this.

Days Gone on PC

Will Days Gone be on PC in the future?

Fancy playing Days Gone on PC? Give this a read.

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