Developers Remember Their Favorite Bugs During Game Dev

Bugs: as inevitable in games as they are in life. They can be game-breaking, frustrating, a tear-your-hair-out pain in the butt, but sometimes? Just sometimes—bugs can be fun and memorable accidents for both players and developers.

This weekend, senior QA tester @nicholestrano posed a question to her fellow developers on Twitter: what were their favorite bugs in games they’ve worked on or games they’ve played? The replies were chock full of spectacular answers. Here are a few of our favorites.

Laffy Taffy Sims 4 Cats

Nichole herself threw out her personal favorite, an attachment bug in Sims 4 that made skeletons contort into horrific poses. Nichole noted that it was especially nightmarish when the Sims 4 Pets DLC was released. Beloved family pets became creatures that would have Netflix salivating for an appearance in its newest horror, dogs became grasshopper-like ghouls. A beautiful starting pick.

The Kid’s Not Alright

Shayna Moon, producer for God of War, posted a highlight reel of the game’s best and most interesting bugs. There’re some absolutely stunning glitches in there, but Shayna’s personal favorite is one where Atreus constantly repeats banter lines about Draugr enemies over… and over… and over, with hardly a Draugr in sight.

The Rock That Holds All

Ben Pielsteck, a game designer who once worked in Mythic Entertainment, explained an incident with Ultima Online where world data had to be stored in objects. Over time, it became protocol to store all world data in one particular rock. One lucky rock, later deleted by someone not in the know. Talk about unlucky!

Bit By An Irradiated Pair of Jeans?

And last but not least, everyone’s beloved Spider-Man. @xavierck3d, 3D character lead for Magnopus and self-described Spider-Man nipple modeler, noted that Insomnia’s Spider-Man had bugs where characters’ heads would disappear or models would start T-posing. In our opinion, what’s more interesting about his example screenshot is that all the models—besides Miles Morales—seem to be wrapped in denim.

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