Dragon Ball FighterZ Celebrates Goku Day

Hey everyone, it’s Goku Day! You know those corporate holidays where a license holder uses a date from the year to get the fandom to talk about it. You might know other prominent examples of this such as May the Fourth and March 10 as Mario day. In Japan, they also do this same thing, like May 9 as Goku day. May is “Go,” which is short for “Gogatsu,” and 9 is “Ku,” thus Go-Ku. Fun.

To celebrate Goku Day this year, Bandai Namco released a Dragon Ball FighterZ compilation of various cutscenes and intros of various Gokus in the game. There is no game with a stronger Goku ratio and this video goes out of its way to prove it.

Take a look and celebrate Goku in your own way while watching.


Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The game is currently on its second season pass, which has Dragon Ball GT Goku, a second Broly, and more.

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