Dreams Early Access Won’t Include PlayStation VR Support

When it comes to anticipation and hype, one of the biggest videogames coming to PlayStation 4 that everyone seems excited for is Media Molecules Dreams. The title has been in development for almost six years and now it’s looking like a launch is finally nearing, with the studio the launch of Early Access for next month. However, PlayStation VR fans looking to take their Dreams into virtual reality (VR) will still have to wait.

Media Molecule will be holding the limited Early Access from 16th April 2019, designed more for creators to test the software ahead of launch. Studio Director Siobhan Reddy has confirmed on PlayStation Blog that the core component of Dreams, the creation suite is now ready: “It won’t feature everything that the full release will have (our story mode being a big piece of that) but you’ll get our full tool set for creating, our interactive tutorials and arcade games, templates and additional content created by Media Molecule and access to what you, the CoMmunity, made during our Dreams Creator Beta.”

As for the VR side of things that is still coming, just not quite yet. “Dreams VR is not included in the initial Early Access offering,” Reddy comments. “It’s still planned for Dreams and we’re super excited for it. We’ll be sure to share more details about it as soon as we’re ready.”

For those that want to take part in Dreams Early Access it will only be available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all European territories initially. There’s no pre-ordering it, you’ll just have to pay £24.99 GBP/€29.99 EUR/$29.99 USD/ $39.99 CAD on 16th April. While Early Access is limited the studio does state it’ll be a big limit, although leaving it late to purchase isn’t advisable.

Media Molecule’s previous titles include Little Big Planet and Tearaway with Dreams is looking to be its biggest videogame yet. As mentioned it will feature a single-player story mode for those players who just want an awesome looking videogame to enjoy, but the main draw will always be the creator mode – which Media Molecule uses to make the campaign.

There’s still no confirmation regarding when the fully finished version will be released when that happens VRFocus will let you know.

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