Guardians Of The Galaxy Meets Suicide Squad Makes Way More Sense As A Game

Both Marvel and DC have brought their respective heroes to life on the big screen like never before over the course of the last decade and a half. Superhero movies are about as big as business can get in the world of film, and even a rubbish one from either of the aforementioned titans is almost guaranteed to make money. This begs the question: how much money is there to be made from a potential team-up between the two?

Answer: probably more than we could ever fathom. The problem is that the hurdles in the way of making that happen are plentiful – so plentiful that getting past them might well be impossible. James Gunn recently revealed he has spoken to both Marvel and DC about a potential meeting between the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Suicide Squad. The director admitted to fans that while it’s improbable his two babies will ever be united on screen, it isn’t impossible.

Whether improbable or impossible, there’s no avoiding the amount of work that would be needed to make it happen. A Guardians and Suicide Squad crossover video game, on the other hand – that feels much more manageable. Both teams have their own games coming up, and if successful, merging their respective spotlights should at least be considered by those in charge of making the big decisions.

Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy game was officially revealed at this year’s E3. Despite including all of the characters Marvel fans are familiar with from the movies, Star-Lord will be the only playable character. Its creators have explained that early plans to make the Guardians game a multiplayer title were scrapped in favor of a more in-depth, single-player experience. It’s also possible the same studio’s failings with Marvel’s Avengers’ live-service elements and significant lack of story also played a part in the decision.

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League won’t be following that mantra. All four of its main characters will be playable and the game, which is still slated to arrive in 2022, will also likely lean heavily on live-service elements. That doesn’t mean the two worlds can’t mix in the future, though. Square may have promised its Guardians game won’t include DLC or microtransactions, but it makes no mention of sequels or future crossovers.

Even though Marvel and DC have crossed over in the comic book world multiple times, the Suicide Squad and the Guardians of the Galaxy have never met. Having no history to pull from might seem daunting for a potential crossover game’s creators. For others, it will be the opportunity to build an entire storyline – nay, a whole comic book-based video game universe from scratch, one in which the Suicide Squad and the Guardians of the Galaxy both exist, whether they be enemies or two teams working together.

The biggest obstacle when it comes to making this happen in a movie is studios working together. The contracts and litigation involved is what really makes a DC and Marvel crossover almost impossible. Look no further than the issues between Sony and Disney for evidence of that – the two megacorps can’t even decide how to best use Spider-Man. Adding Warner Bros. and an entire new universe of heroes into the mix would muddy the waters so much that even Aquaman would struggle to navigate them.

Even though a game would also require studios working together, that is much more commonplace than it is in the movie world. Square is working with Eidos Montreal to create Guardians of the Galaxy while continuing to build its Avengers universe alongside Crystal Dynamics. Speaking of which, Spider-Man will hopefully become a Square Avenger before the end of the year while still swinging around the streets of New York for Insomniac.

Granted, those examples demonstrate that even though studios can work together, there is no crossover. The Guardians created by Eidos Montreal will not be appearing alongside Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers, even though Square is working on both. Spider-Man appearing in two different games has also been a point of contention. Again, even though the web-slinger will soon become a video game Avenger, that version of Peter Parker will have no connection to the one protecting Insomniac’s New York City.

A Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy game doesn’t need to build on the two titles hitting multiple platforms over the course of the next year, though. In fact, it would be better and make life far simpler if it didn’t. The game doesn’t even need to be an in-depth, story-driven title that requires a team of comic book-savvy writers to help it make sense and please the fans. A simple team-up game akin to Ultimate Alliance 3 featuring all of the characters from both groups could be great. Even a fighting game like Injustice could work. Needless to say, not only would a Guardians and Suicide Squad game be far easier to make than the movie equivalent – there are lots of other avenues to explore should someone decide it’s a project worth tackling.

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