How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Can Revolutionize Social Media

Do you remember the storm turning videogame named Pokemon GO? You must have spotted not only teenagers but adults as well walking down the streets with their sights fixed on their phones as if they were on a big treasure hunt. The videogame was integrated with augmented reality (AR) features for the real-time user experience. Similarly, AR has been impacting social media as well for years now. It’s become fact AR is taking over the most popular social networking websites across the globe, be it Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

In particular, the brands and marketers need to know how AR and VR are going to impact social media to generate new ways to boost their sales.

AR Virtual Stores on Social Media

People are already buying a product via social media with the evolution of the technology but with the aid of AR it can turn out to be much a more engaging experience. This lets the user buy the products without even visiting any stores as they are able to step into a virtual store, where they can try out the products and purchase them online.

We can better imagine the scenes where shoppers are able to try the products and make a purchase without walking into the store. This can let more people proceed with the cart selection as they become more decisive which leads to an ultimate increase in sales.

AR builds a new market on Social Media

New markets are helping to shape up the future social media trends. Hence, the businesses are ready to link up and get connected with the technology by focusing on achieving their sales goals. Brands are targeting new markets and ensuring to take advantage of the help of AR and VR by offering a great user experience. Additionally, the key players are focusing more on developing the appropriate content for the markets to succeed and take the most benefit from their investments.  Furthermore, the advertisers are going to adopt interactive content by targeting social media users through appropriate content. Hence, the AR-based adverts have a huge potential of touching viewers on social media by reinforcing customer loyalty.

Live Experiences can increase Impulsive Buying

The future trends of social media will be impulsive buying which will be driven by the attractive VR-adverts presented to the media users. The users of social media gain more trust in AR ads as it attracts them and turning them into a lead by making more purchases.

It is seen that social media users are no longer interested in edited video adverts. Therefore, with the help of AR, the advertisers will make social media users engage with their real environment and can actually expect that they will make impulse purchases on a continuous basis. The high-quality AR based adverts are the kind of attraction which gets the audience fascinated by the appearance of objects in their own reality.

A cheaper headset can drag more people towards VR

We can definitely not underestimate the impact of AR in the gaming industry as gamers will find more entertainment on social media platforms. Social media users have an ability to learn through the platforms and it will be easy for brands to present themselves on social media so that the people can follow their trends. This will enhance the shopping experience as AR and VR have the potential to connect people across the globe. It is clear that people are going to spend more time on social media by incorporating AR technology.

The Future Ahead

AR and VR trends offer a good future for social media users and businesses. The future social media trends which have been mentioned are good instances of what lies ahead for these groups as social media marketers are taking full advantage of this technology for targetting new markets.

Moreover, we can mention that AR helps to improve sales by adding creative content, animation and some interactive UX which can help you to keep up with future social trends. Make sure that the consumers want to learn more about the product, try it on and then persuade further to spend money on it.

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