If Ash And Misty Had A Pokemon Baby, Here’s What It Would Be

Though considered by many fans to be Pokemon’s OTP (one true pairing), Ash and Misty never actually ended up getting together in the anime. But as we all know, whether the relationship is written in as canon has little to do with how great of a couple they’d be. Among the thousands of fanfiction stories written about them, I found one about Ash and Misty having a child together later in life. That’s great and all, but it got me thinking: what if Ash and Misty could have a baby Pokemon together instead? What Pokemon would that be, given their demeanors and personalities?

If we first take a look at what kind of person Ash is, we get the general impression that he is a kind-hearted, brave kid. Ash is almost always positive, and he never gives up. We see this demonstrated consistently through every version of the show. He displays his deep care for all Pokemon by always placing emphasis on them being his friends and building a relationship with each one individually.

Misty’s personality is certainly a bit different. She can be kind, but she also has a quick temper. We know that she is disgusted by bugs, and she’s constantly annoyed at Ash, despite how much it seems that she likes him at the same time. Though Misty might spend a lot of time complaining or getting frustrated, her anger can come in handy for jumping in to defend herself or Ash.

So, what kind of Pokemon would result from these two combined? Many fans have already thought of Togepi as the “child” that Ash and Misty could raise together. While this could have certainly been a plausible route for their story to go, I’m more interested in what type of Pokemon would result as a hypothetical combination of the two.

Perhaps the best place to start would be to think about what first-gen Pokemon each of them would be most like. For Ash, though there are a fair number of first-gen Pokemon that could fit with his personality, I would argue that Eevee is one of the best fits. Eevee is cute, happy, and innocent, just like Ash. A main part of the anime is Ash “finding his way,” which fits well with the various potential paths of evolution that Eevee could follow. Eevee’s curious nature certainly resembles Ash’s personality as he encounters new scenarios and people in the world around him.

Misty, on the other hand, would fit a feistier Pokemon. In addition, it’s been well-established that Misty is a water expert, so her first-gen Pokemon should be a water type. A good fit for her could be Goldeen, a water Pokemon with a bit of a temperament. Goldeen may have a quick temper, but with its sharp horn, it’s easily able to defend itself and is anything from helpless.

What do you get when you combine an Eevee and a Goldeen? Unfortunately, there really isn’t a Pokemon in existence that comes close enough for a result of that to be believable. However, potentially the best possible answer for a Pokemon that would result from the combination of Ash and Misty would be Manaphy. Taking the happy, loving nature of Ash and combining it with Misty’s passion for water, Manaphy is a cute Pokemon who specializes in bringing others together. It has a special power that allows it to bond with any Pokemon, similar to Ash’s ability to bond with Pokemon throughout the show. In addition, Manaphy is not by any means one of the more useless water Pokemon (such as Magikarp or Azurill), as it known for being “a guardian of the sea,” thus bringing in Misty’s fierceness.

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