New Ways To Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses To Hold You Over Until The Next Game

Considering its track record, we can pretty much assume that Fire Emblem will come out with another game. But how long is that going to take? If we look at the timeline of Fire Emblem games, it seems safe to guess that we might not be seeing the next installment until sometime in 2022. Luckily, Intelligent Systems has made the game extremely re-playable with numerous characters, customizable classes, and four different story paths. But is that really enough to tide fans over until 2022?

If you’re feeling frustrated or disappointed that the game has “run its course,” perhaps you can try out some of these new ideas to give the game a new twist.

Characters At Their Worst

Have you tried making Dimitri into a warlock or Edelgard into a Bishop yet? If you feel that you’ve put the game to rest because you’ve beaten it on maddening mode, try turning your entire team into the worst possible class, based on all their skill weaknesses. If you thought the game was hard before…

Zero Diversity

Imagine what the game would be like with a team of all heavy-armored units. Fighting against mages would become a real treat. Likewise, how about a team of all mages? Sure, they’re powerful, but most of them wouldn’t be able to take hits. The maps you’ve repeatedly played will certainly have a new feel if you’re going into them with a one-class army.

Solo Mission

Pick your favorite character of the game and try playing through the entire thing using only that character. If you aren’t picking an S-rank character (like Byleth or one of the house leaders), we recommend choosing an easier difficulty. You’ll be amazed at how much of a powerhouse that character becomes by the end of the game and how much fun it is to burn through armies solo-style.

No Growth

Try keeping every character as just a noble or a commoner for the entire game. Is it still possible to win? Surely not on maddening… or is it? You can grow the characters’ skills however you want to, but no classing up! You can even reclass Byleth and your house leader back to a noble or commoner after they’ve been automatically reclassed part of the way through the game.

Skip Days

Have you ever noticed that there’s an option to skip over a day entirely, as opposed to exploring, battling, having seminars, or resting? See if you’re able to play through the game while skipping every single free day. In fact, playing this way would likely give the game a more similar feel to the those that came before it.

Hopefully, the next installment of Fire Emblem comes out a lot sooner than it would seem. But if none of these suggestions work, perhaps give some of the older Fire Emblem games a try. Considering there are 16 games in the series, it’s likely that there are some out there you haven’t gotten to experience yet.

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