OlliOlli World is a thrilling and speedy PS5 and Xbox cartoon skateboard game

It has been a while since we’ve seen a new skateboarding game and this one’s a cracker.

OlliOlli World feels like Sonic x100 as you take to the cutesy cartoon world of Radlandia to become the ultimate skater dude.

The sheer speed as you progress through the trials and courses takes your breath away and outdoes the classic hedgehog’s best efforts at its height.

It’s a twitchy reaction game.

You’ve around 100 moves to master using a Street Fighter level of multiple button combos.

And, combined that with the thrill of instant make-or-break decisions, chaos often ensues.

When you nail an olli, grind, big jump and board flip all to perfection along a tightly wound, difficult course the feeling is epic.

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The game is presented very simply and the colourful graphics are minimalist, almost childlike.

It’s got a mobile phone game feel to the menu system, with short, sharp courses designed to keep you moving on to the next level as quickly as possible while gently ramping up the difficulty level and adding in ever more moves to master.

The gamer then soon finds themselves in all sorts of contortionist positions, trying to smash, flick and whack their controller in a particular pattern to make your hero skater do what they need to do on screen.

It’s frustrating when you keep crashing out at the same tricky point but also incredibly satisfying when you finally do conquer that bit.

The story is daft and is all about you joining the skating Gods in Gnarvana.

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The courses are split across five parts of Radlandia, each with their own colour scheme and vibe, and you get roughly 20-25 levels to tackle in each.

The gameplay is frantic, but pinpoint, and it’s really easy to master the basics of skateboarding while there’s months of work ahead for those wanting to really shine in OlliOlli World.

Shoutout to the brilliant use of the controller’s speaker in the PS5 DualSense. It gives you all the board skating and scraping sounds directly in your hands and makes you feel like you’re in the heart of the action.

You can customise your character’s look, board and clothing by unlocking items with impressive feats in challenges and missions.

As you progress, levels are worth retrying over and over again as they offer multiple paths to kick and flip across, allowing maximum player expression.

You can also challenge the world online in leagues or dare a friend to beat your best tricks on one what feels like endless sharable levels.

Roll7 have done a cracking job here, providing a fresh-looking, fast paced video game with tons of replayability.

It’s slick, speedy, plays well and addictive and embraces the weird, wonderful and diverse side of skateboarding culture.

This is a game all about going on a road trip with your friends, finding crazy spots, pulling mad tricks and skating everything in sight.


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