PlayStation Move Support Arrives on Space Junkies

Just over a month ago Ubisoft outlined plans regarding future updates for its zero-gravity multiplayer Space Junkies,  including work on supporting PlayStation Move. PlayStation VR owners will be happy to hear that Space Junkies does now included support for the motion controllers.

From today PlayStation Move can now be used to navigate the zero-g arenas and take the fight directly to opponents using intuitive motion controls, just like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive players have been doing. The new control scheme also allows for smooth turning if needed. The full controller layout can be seen below with a video at the bottom of the page going into even greater detail regarding the movement nuances now available with PlayStation Move.

The PlayStation Move update continues Ubisoft’s rollout of improvements for Space Junkies which saw the first episode of the teams’ Season 1 content arrive at the end of April. This saw the addition of a new character, The Quantic Calamarii; a new map, the Orbital Mine; a new game mode called Final Cut; more customisation items as well as minor bug fixes and balancing adjustments.

The road map for additional content will see episode 2 arrive later in May, episode 3 in June and episode 4 in July, all for free. Ubisoft hasn’t detailed which episodes will feature particular content but there will be more maps, new equipment, daily and weekly challenges, as well as the introduction of bots.

Ubisoft has shown a firm dedication to virtual reality (VR) content development over the years, providing players at home with a rich variety of titles alongside location-based entertainment (LBE) projects. The most recent being the release of  Beyond Medusa’s Gate, a multiplayer escape room based in the Assassin’s Creed Odyessy universe which is available at numerous VR arcades across North America and Europe via the Ubisoft Escape Games platform.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Ubisoft’s VR efforts and Space Junkies, reporting back with the latest announcements and updates as they happen.

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