Rage 2 Fast Travel – How to Unlock Fast Travel in Rage 2

Unfortunately, you’re limited to regular old vehicle travel or going it alone on foot if you want to reach any of the other import locations around Rage 2.

This doesn’t mean your only option is the low road, however. Once you hit level 7 of the Search & Recover project, you’ll unlock the Icarus vehicle.

The airborne capabilities of this hoverbike allow you to glide over Rage 2’s landscapes, significantly cutting the travel time down. In lieu of a proper fast travel system, the Icarus still lets you take a crow’s flight approach to your next objective.  

It can be a little tricky to handle though, so take it slow when approaching cliffs and obstacles you need to climb over. 

We have more Rage 2 coverage coming very soon, including more guides and our review. We also have a guide on finding the BFG 9000, too.

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