Razer Ring Light Review: Light ‘Em Up, Up, Up

Owning a ring light always seemed like a pipe dream to me. Historically, they’ve been wildly expensive whenever I’ve been curious enough to price out the possibility of purchasing one. I’ve never necessarily needed one, though. I’ve had a good enough photography light that I’ve been using for a few years, and I somehow managed to win an Elgato Key Light on Instagram a couple of years ago. They have served me well while gaming, but I’ve struggled to get proper lighting when doing product reviews on the other part of my desk with the way my current stationary streaming setup is configured.

Enter the Razer Ring Light. Not only is the Razer Ring Light incredibly mobile and versatile, it’s also one of the more high-quality lights available at a very reasonable price. Despite the fact that I don’t stream on Twitch nearly enough as I would like, I still use the Razer Ring Light at least once or twice a week – whether it be for product review videos or photoshoots, Zoom calls, or Instagram Live streams.

The Razer Ring Light features a 12” ring light with a customizable light spectrum and adjustable brightness. Setup is as easy as plug-and-play. The light is powered via USB, and even allows power banks to act as a power source, making it a great mobile lighting solution while you’re on-the-go.

The switch on the power cord allows you to adjust the light spectrum, as well as the brightness of the light itself. The spectrum ranges from warm white (3000K), balanced white (4500K), or cool white (6500K), while the brightness level can be adjusted anywhere from 10% to 100%. With these kinds of products, I generally find a setting and stick with it. However, I’ve enjoyed playing with the different levels and seeing what works best with both my studio‘s lighting and my own skin tone. I’ve found a couple of different combinations of spectrum and brightness levels that work well for me, which is great for changing it up every now and then while I’m on camera.

I haven’t the need to film while on-the-go (yet), so for my purposes, the light is set up on its tripod firmly on the floor, rising up to roughly the same height as me while sitting at my desk. The tripod feels far more durable than the one I would use with my Logitech C920 webcam attached. Plus, it has various height settings, which has allowed me to put the tripod directly on my desk, right behind my laptop. Having that versatility is huge, especially as someone who works from home and often moves about the house throughout the day just for a change of scenery.

The light comes with two different mounts – one that holds a camera, and one that holds a smartphone. I’ve used both, and honestly couldn’t be happier. The camera attaches with a screw-in bolt, and has plenty of wiggle room for adjusting the mount on its ball swivel. Again, I was using the Logitech C920 webcam, but the mount appears to be pretty universal. The camera mount is equally as versatile. I am able to use both my iPhone 12 Max Pro, as well as my Razer Phone 2. The roughly six-inch mount is bendable, allowing you to easily adjust the angle of your camera’s phone. Finally, the light itself is adjustable so that it can be used both vertically, such as for on-camera seated streaming, or horizontally, for things like unboxing or miniature painting.

If the versatility of Razer’s Ring Light is my favorite feature, its price is a close runner-up. The light is available for a very reasonable $79.99. A quick Google search for 12-inch ring lights will return results over $100. Smaller lights are available for less, of course, but for my money, Razer’s 12-inch Ring Light comes highly recommended – whether you’re streaming, promoting a product, or just having fun with your family and friends on a video call.

A product sample was provided to TheGamer for this review. The Razer Ring Light is available now, exclusively on Razer’s website.

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