Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: A phone which excels in quality mobile gaming

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the latest flagship phone from Samsung, and it is the most powerful phone from the company to date – both in computing power and battery. Compared to the more mainline Galaxy S series of phones, the Galaxy Note line-up is more intended for power users, or those who want more out of their phone. This latest entry into the series is both a wonderful phone and also a magnificent gaming device.

Samsung has a history of partnering with game developers to bring exclusive promotions to their flagship phones. In the past, the manufacturer has partnered with Fortnite developer Epic Games, PUBG Corp, Ubisoft, and more in order to get more players using their phones for gaming. As a result, the Note 10+ is one of the best phones for gaming currently on the market.

Inside the Note 10+, you will find 12GB of RAM, a 4,300mAh battery, a Snapdragon 855 processor, and an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The phone’s 6.8 inch AMOLED screen allows you to play games in a gorgeous 1440p resolution with excellent performance to support it. It’s just a bunch of statistics at this point, but these are genuinely top of the line features for a phone.

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The phone, while not designed for gaming, still gives immense performance on mobile games, without having to sacrifice game quality. If you’re a power user who loves to play games at high framerates without having it look like a bunch of pixels on a screen, the Note 10+ will give you that experience.

We tried the phone across a variety of mobile games, new and old, and it did not disappoint. Starting off with Fortnite, the Note 10+ delivered a great feeling, with 60FPS mode being available in-game. This mode can only be enabled by a select few phones, such as other flagship Samsung phones or the new HONOR devices.

Enabling this 60FPS mode will grant you a significant advantage over other mobile players, as the game runs much faster and controls feel a lot more responsive. The same can be said for other games which we tested the phone with.

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games of the year, and after playing the game with the Note 10+, it feels quite similar in performance to my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. That isn’t a bad thing, because the Note 9 is also a monster for mobile gaming. While this phone shares the performance of the former, the Note 10+ does not overheat as quickly as its predecessor, and I can turn the graphical settings of CoD: Mobile a bit higher and not lose as much performance as I would on the Note 9.

One of my favourite things about this phone is the battery, which is remarkably powerful and quick to charge. It takes roughly an hour on average to fully charge from 0% and you can get an entire day of usage out of that charge. Samsung’s “all day battery” description of the 4,300mAh machine is quite accurate, and rarely has the phone actually died on me on a day out after charging it that morning.

In fact, the battery has sometimes lasted me up to two days depending on my usage, but if you are a user who is constantly on their phone for work and gaming, you will likely take a lot more charge out of it in a shorter time-span. Something I noticed on previous models such as the S10+ or Note 9 was that, during graphically-intensive gaming, the battery dropped faster than a broken lift. However, on the new phone, the battery didn’t go down as quickly as I expected.

The Note 10+ also performed remarkably well on other mobile games such as Mario Kart Tour, Minecraft Earth, PUBG Mobile, and Pokémon Go. But that is to be expected from a flagship Samsung device which has a retail price of £999 – something which we can assume to be decreasing in time for the holidays.

Realistically, users should be expecting to shell out £800-£900 for a Note 10+, which is a hefty price for a phone. However, this device is probably one of the best phones on the market for all things gaming, photography, leisure and work.

If you are looking for a phone purely for gaming, however, maybe you aren’t willing to spend that much, and there are alternatives out there.

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All other phones have their own individual pros and cons, such as battery, temperature, and more. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the best phone I’ve used which is the top of the line for almost all categories, except in price. If you want a phone that is cheaper but has less battery power and overheats quite quickly, you can buy the HONOR View 20.

Alternatively, users can opt in to buy an older Samsung model, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ or Note 9, both of which have similar gaming performance at a now-cheaper price. The Galaxy S10+ had a promotion with Fortnite for the Ikonik outfit and Scenario emote, and the Note 9 had a promotion for the Galaxy cosmetic set.

The Note 10+ also grants an exclusive skin, but not just for owners of this specific phone. The GLOW skin can be redeemed by anyone on Fortnite who owns a relatively new Samsung device, such as the ones just stated or almost any Samsung device that dates all the way back to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Currently, there are no other promotions with large titles between Samsung and the developers right now, but if you visit the Galaxy Store, you can see a select few Galaxy-exclusive offers for select mobile games.

To sum it up, the Galaxy Note 10+ is the best phone Samsung has released to date, both in terms of being a phone and being a gaming device. If you’ve got the budget and want both a great phone and a great way to experience mobile gaming, this is the phone for you.

With all the other alternatives out there, I still see the Note 10+ being one of the best phones of the year.

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