See the Difference Between Green Hell and the Upcoming VR Version

Ever since Incuvo teased the first details of Green Hell VR almost a year ago one thing fans have been asking for is a proper showcase of the differences between the flatscreen version and the new virtual reality (VR) edition. Well, today the studio delivered, dropping a new video that details a few of the mechanics that’ll make the world of Green Hell VR come alive.

Some of these mechanics have been shown before, such as being able to heal a wound by wrapping a leaf around your arm or starting a fire with a few sparks by using a rock and a weapon. Even though the video clocks in at under a minute there’s still plenty to dig into. Like the flexibility you’ll have with weapons, shown here by flinging a machete up and catching it – without the worry of it slicing your arm off!

The environment will be interactive, of course, so you’ll be able to grab logs with both hands or fling a grappling hook onto a high branch to hoist yourself up. Even little things like the light off your walkie talkie have an effect in real-time and you can cycle through features on your virtual smartwatch with a tap of the finger.

Managing your inventory and making sure you’ve got plenty of resources for crafting is a big part of this survival adventure. Resources are split into three categories that can be accessed at a quick press, grabbing the necessary items to drop on the crafting table. Green Hell VR doesn’t seem to go as in-depth on the crafting side as Song in the Smoke, automatically combining the various components together.

And what would a jungle survival adventure be without having the ability to physically chop down trees, swim through rivers or just trash the place at will? Yep, that’s all there.

Green Hell VR is currently in development for Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets. Scheduled to simultaneously launch for both platforms in Q1 2022, it won’t be a single-player title as co-op support has been confirmed. Incuvo has also teased the possibility of a PlayStation VR version although that’s likely a long way off. As further details on Green Hell VR are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.
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