Sims 4: Tiny Living Challenges Explained

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Livestream has given us an insight into the new tiny house lot trait and the build challenges that go with it. SimGuruNinja and NotYetASimGuruConor took to Twitch to explain more about the new mode, how it works, and what the benefits are. Here’s everything you need to know about these new tiny living build challenges.

The Restrictions

There are three different categories of tiny home and each one is based on the size of the house’s footprint. All internal tiles count, no matter what level they are on. As you build with the tiny home residential trait on you’ll see the tile count change in a box across the top of the screen, letting you know where you fall on the scale.

The three sizes are small house at 100 tiles, tiny house at 64 tiles and micro home at 32 tiles. Each category offers two unique benefits, plus the benefits of the tier above it. This translates as two buffs for a small home, four for a tiny one and six for a micro build.

The Exceptions

While all internal tiles count, there are some ways around the restrictions. Decks also count from what we saw on the trailer but externally placed floor patterns do not, so a covered patio at ground level would not be in your tile count. Pools are also except, so you can choose a tiny home surrounded by a gigantic pool, or moat if you prefer.

SimGuruNinja also told us that if a roof is not placed then the roof tiles won’t count as extras, so you can build roof gardens. He also suggested that this is not a comprehensive list and there was a hint that players will be able to find other ways to enhance their house using the outdoor space around it.

The Rewards

The small house rewards comprise the ‘Lighten The Load’ and ‘Feelin’ Fine All The Time’ traits. The first reduces your bills, on account of a tiny home using less energy to run and the second gives you double duration on happiness, inspired and focused buffs.

For a tiny home, you’ll also gain ‘You Got The Touch’, which increases skills at double the usual rate, and ‘Cozy Comforts’, which makes all your furniture twice as comfortable.

Finally, a micro home offers the traits ‘Let’s All Get Along’, which doubles relationship gains, and ‘Let It Grow,’ which sees plants grow twice as fast as normal.

However, tread carefully with the first buff since as well as increasing positive relationships, it will also increase negative ones. So make sure you get on with any housemates in these tiny spaces.

Sims 4: Tiny Living Stuff Pack will be released worldwide for PC and Mac on January 21 and for console on February 4.

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