Teen Gamer Streams For 2070 Consecutive Days, Has No Plans To Stop

A streamer has broken the 2,000 consecutive day mark on Twitch and claims to have no plans of slowing down, having streamed for 2,070 days without fail since May 24, 2015, up until this past Friday.

The gamer, past his 15th birthday but yet to see his 20th, wishes to remain unnamed. He runs the accounts HeavensArmy on both Twitch and YouTube from which he streams a number of titles, including likes of Rune Factory, Ghost of Tsushima, and Final Fantasy. He says he didn’t set out to break a record as he only grew wise to the run after a viewer pointed it out. He was a bit shocked to learn someone else had already gotten to 2,000 straight days after making a quick check, though.

In April of 2019, we reported Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell’s 2,000 consecutive day stream. CohhCarnage took a break when he hit the mark, after streaming through several ordeals, including illness and even the birth of his child.

HEAVENS, as he’s called by his fans, hasn’t had the same kind of major life events occur during his mega-marathon, but this hardly takes away from his feat, especially since he has no plans on taking a break anytime soon. “The only way I will stop is if something breaks or I break,” he proudly told TheGamer.

You could see proof of the streak throughout the rest of the article.

“I was just streaming every night because I enjoy this a lot,” he added. “When one of my viewers pointed out how long I’d gone for without stopping, I looked it up. I found out that someone else already gotten to 2,000, which was a surprise. So when I got to 1,900 days, I thought I’d try to match the 2,000 and then see if I can pass it.

“I’ve been taking care of my health and got fortunate with the equipment I bought as none of it has broken down so far. Getting to 2,000 was easy since I really do love live streaming; I want to play games, meet people, and my computer held out.

“It just worked itself out without much effort, to be honest. I’m now curious how far I can get in the hopes people find me so I can share in the dedication I put into this channel. I want to bring the hype to the people who wish to see a streamer dedicated to his viewers, games, and the channel.”

Quite incredibly, HEAVENS had no idea the classic and iconic Super Mario Bros. even existed until November 2020. He says he’d played Paper Mario 64 after he started streaming, and owns Super Mario World (didn’t really play it), but wasn’t aware the franchise was as old or vast. He’s since decided to play all of the games from the beginning and got his first taste of Super Mario Bros. late last year.

As you might have guessed, he’s thoroughly enjoying it.

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