The Biggest Gaming News For January 16, 2022

Some big stories popped up in the news today. This time around we have everything from game rebalancing to massive amounts of money being passed around in some recent developments on earlier events. We also have the usual drama surrounding NFTs and everything related to them. Let’s dive right into the details.

Content Creators Are Having Their Pictures And YouTube Channels Stolen And Sold As NFTs

Two content creators on YouTube, Jim Sterling and Caddicarus, noticed their channels being stolen and sold online as NFTs. They responded by calling the move "pathetic," "disrespectful,” and "exploitative.” Alanah Pearce apparently also had some pictures of her stolen and sold online, but this time the NFT thieves went so far as to photoshop her face onto the cover of a pornographic magazine. “Somebody has taken an image of me that I own, added a trademarked porn logo to it, and ‘minted’ it to sell for profit as an NFT,” she said. “I cannot wait for the lawsuits." Neither can we.

Tough Survival Sim Icarus Walks Back Permadeath With Mission Insurance

Icarus definitely isn’t an easy game. The survival simulator is all about getting by on a barren and inhospitable planet. The game was in fact so unforgiving that its developer, RocketWerkz, had to walk back the permadeath by introducing a system known as Mission Insurance. This basically returns you to home base if you outstay your time on the planet surface. "We've been talking and working away behind the scenes on how we want to approach difficulty, particularly for new players, and you'll now see we have added 'Insurance' to a handful of early game drops," RocketWerkz announced. The developer apparently has more changes in store.

Pokimane Calls Out Sexist Abuse And The Obsession With Her Appearance

Content creators have been attacking Pokimane with misogynistic comments, asking their followers to spam her on Twitch with various forms of abuse. They claim that fans only follow the streamer for her looks. Pokimane recently struck back, saying that “even if people do find a female streamer attractive, what’s the issue? What’s wrong with finding someone hot?" She went on to question the double standards faced by streamers on Twitch. “Why is that used as a means to discredit female streamers’ work? That is what I don’t understand,” she said.

Speedrunners Raise More Than $3,400,000 For Charity, The Most Of Any Games Done Quick Event

Awesome Games Done Quick finally came to a close today. While plenty of new records were broken this weekend, the most impressive are probably those for the fastest $1 million, $1.5 million, $2 million, $2.5 million, and now even $3 million raised for charity. “I’m incredibly happy with the support we've received thus far and itching to see how far it goes,” Director of Operations Matt Merkle said. "Thank you to everyone who has donated so far — it's all for a great cause.” The donations this time around will be going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The speedrunning festival will be returning later this year in the form of Summer Games Done Quick. The next charity is going to be Doctors Without Borders.

Logan Paul Gets A $3.5 Million Refund After Buying Fake Pokemon Cards

The news broke last week that Logan Paul bought a massive quantity of Pokemon cards for a staggering $3.5 million. But they were fake. When he opened up the case, all of them turned out to be G.I. Joe cards instead. While the person he purchased the cards from, Shyne, has agreed to refund all of his money, the story still isn’t quite over. “I have reimbursed Logan his $3.5 million, however we will see how quickly I am made whole from the sellers who brought it to me already authenticated in the coming days or if it turns into a drawn out scenario,” Shyne said.

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