The Division 2's Battle For D.C. Update Trailer Prepares You For The Mission

We recently detailed what fans of The Division 2 can expect in the upcoming Invasion Battle for D.C. update and beyond, giving players who have reached the endgame content some new stuff to do in their war against the Black Tusk and their fight to take over the country. You can check out the short preview of the new update from Massive below.

Come tomorrow, players can attack the Tidal Basin stronghold, advance to World Tier 5 (which ups the gear score threshold to 500), check out a new competitive multiplayer map, and hunt for three new gear sets and two new exotic weapons. The first eight-player raid, Operation Dark Hours, launches on April 25 alongside The Divison 2’s first classified assignments. Shortly following the raid, Ubisoft will introduce a fourth specialization, which appears to be a minigun.

Ubisoft and Massive are being careful to communicate to players that there is more content for The Division 2 on a regular basis and with substantial content. After one of the main complaints leveled at the first game was the lack of endgame content, Ubisoft seemingly wants to ensure that player retention is high for The Division 2.

The Battle for D.C. update launches on April 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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