The Epson EH-LS800 projector means you no longer need a TV in your living room

Who needs a telly anymore?

Well that’s what the folks at Epson want you to think anyways.

Their new super-ultra-short-throw 4K PRO–UHD projector is the answer to the question.

No one needs a telly now.

As long as you have a whack of cash in your pocket, £3,000 to be precise.

Because this amazing but costly machine ditches the need for a screen at all in your living room.

It’s bulky, but able to effectively be pushed back against a wall on your TV cabinet and throw a brilliant image straight up the wall.

The result is a superb 4K HDR10 projector with an immense built-in speaker system.

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It delivers a pin-sharp image straight on a wall while rattling your gut with intense movie sound at a bright and powerful 4,000 lumens.

It can project up to 150in on a flat surface and has built-in 3D surround sound thanks to the audio wizards at Yamaha.

The EH-LS800 sets up in minutes out of the box.

While there’s the usual plethora of HDMI and USB sockets on the hefty unit, you can equally go wireless and connect to wi-fi using the well-honed Android interface.

That gives you access to all the usual YouTubes and Netflix-style streaming services.

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It’s a very user friendly interface and, once logged in, you’ll be browsing your movies and TV shows with ease.

The visuals are truly stunning for a projector, some of the best we’ve seen, thanks to a 2.5m:1 contrast ratio, high brightness with those lumens and sheer clarity with the 4K resolution.

The HDR really helps with the darker scenes in programmes too.

Audio is awesome, driven by a 2.1-channel speaker system and immersive soundscape.

That would only improve with a decent external speaker system connected.

Keystone correction is best using the app but you can do it yourself on the device, using the remote to move points around the screen from any angle until its bang-on perfect for your particular wall space.

There’s also voice search on the remote for speed and a dedicated gaming mode which keeps your console-of-choice’s input time to under 20ms, meaning there will be no lag between taking that key shot and the trigger being pulled on-screen.

Plus of course, there’s a flexibility here beyond TV and gaming. This blows up so big it can take over an entire room and give you a special space for events, parties or even an immersive road background for the indoor biker.

So look – it’s a huge expense – but if you’re on the hunt for a top projector to replace your TV and you’ve got £3,000 to burn, this is one for you.


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