This Week In Modding: Skyrim NPCs Get Some Sleep, Sora Gets A Gun, And More

These weekly mod round-ups tend to have four serious mods, then one daft one. However, we’ve flipped it around this week, because the community has come out with some truly wild creations. Ever wondered about the sleeping patterns of NPCs in Tamriel? Want to drive up a building in San Andreas? Ever thought that Sora would get on a lot better if he had a gun? Fret not – we have you covered.

Skyrim Mod Makes NPCs React To Being Woken Up At Night For No Reason

We’ve joked about it for ten years now, if you can believe it. From townsfolk to Jarls, no one is safe from being woken up by a bored Dragonborn at four in the morning. If you’re a quest giver, then I’m afraid you’re operating on a 24 hour workday now, because the protagonist doesn’t need to sleep. But that all changes with the “Sleeping Extended – Animations and NPC Reactions“ mod, which gives every NPC a selection of different wake-up speeds, as well as new lines of dialogue to tell you they’re not particularly happy about being roused from their sleep. Their reactions apparently range from confusion to rage, to hand in those quests at your own risk.

Skyrim Mod Upscales Everything In The Creation Club

Sticking with Skyrim, we do have a more typical mod here before we get back into the wild ones. ”Anniversary Edition and Creation Club – Everything Upscaled” does exactly what it says on the tin – every item is upscaled into 4K. This is perfect for those of you jumping back into the billionth rerelease, but want it to look a little more like a 2021 game.

Give Sora A Real Weapon With This Smash Ultimate Shotgun Mod

About 20 fighters got a buff in the final Smash Bros. Ultimate balance patch – but newcomer Sora wasn’t one of them. Now, you can right this wrong by straight-up giving him a firearm, perfectly juxtaposing with his happy demeanour. It does require him to give up his usual weapon of choice, the keyblade, but something tells me he’ll find more success with a shotgun anyway. In some scary attention to detail, the mod also alters his character portrait to something much more menacing, and adds shotgun sound effects to his moveset.

Fallout New Vegas Mod Brings Back The Classic Talking Heads

Nothing beats the classic Fallout charm. The two late 1990s RPGs still hold up well because of their unique talking heads – which were made using real-life models. The "Talking Head Dialog Interface" mod doesn’t quite go to those lengths, but it does capture that engaging feeling for chatting to someone right up in your face, as it recreates the old conversation screen for New Vegas. I mean come on, the world freezes whenever you talk to someone anyway, so we might as well get a fancy menu while we’re doing it.

GTA Trilogy Spider Car Mod Makes Is A Lot Easier To Escape The Police

Given the mess that the GTA Trilogy's launch has been, it’s not surprising that the modding community has been so busy. However, we just had to highlight this particular creation – because while it won’t fix any bugs, it will completely improve the way you play. The spider car mod makes it possible to drive up walls, which is a pretty decent way to avoid the cops. Sure, they can get really pissed the more people you run over, but there’s no way any of them are paid well enough to follow you up a skyscraper.

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