Polygon plays Superfight with Spider-Man: Far From Home star Jacob Batalon

You and your friends could be having much better arguments. Can a T-rex fly a fighter jet? Can wind defeat gravity? Could anything psyche out Bruce Lee?

Superfight is a game all about absurd debates over who would win a fight. We played it on our latest episode of Overboard, Polygon’s card and board game show, with special guest Jacob Batalon.

Batalon, who portrays Ned in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, proved to be something of an expert in super heroics, making quick work of our ‘heroes’ in the process. We really shouldn’t be surprised, after all, he is friends with Spider-Man.

Playing Superfight is super easy. Two players draw three character and attribute cards, select one of each, and then prepare to make a case for why their fighter is better. But before they do, they must grab one more random attribute card from the deck. Yes, these random attributes can and will mess up your perfectly crafted super hero, but it’s not like Spider-Man choose to be bitten by a spider. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, even if that great power is an inability to ever stop dancing.

Once both players have made the case for their fighter, the rest of the players sit in judgement and vote on the winner. The winner earns a point and the next player gets a shot at the king because the winner stays on until someone can defeat their hero. Like with any ‘creativity’ game, Superfight is as fun as you and your friends make it, so don’t worry too much about the points (and we’re not just saying this just because we got absolutely annihilated by Jacob Batalon).

To see just how Batalon completely destroyed us, check out the video above, and make sure you subscribe to Polygon’s channel for more great videos. You can watch previous episodes of Overboard here.

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