'Dreams' Launches into Early Access on PS4, PSVR Support Still Pending – Road to VR

Media Molecule’s hotly awaited creator tool/game Dreams is here, albeit in Early Access on PS4. While the game is slated to include VR support at some point, it’s still unclear when users will be able to jump into their creations with PSVR.

Update (April 16th, 2019): Media Molecule today released ‘Dreams Creator Early Access’ on PS4. The game is now available in Europe, and will roll out in North America at 8:30AM PST today.

The studio is still staying tight-lipped on when PSVR will come, stating in a tweet that support isn’t included in the Early Access version, and that they’ll share more information at some point. Whether that points to a post-launch addition of PSVR support or not is unclear at this time. In the same token, the studio was also reticent to mention when the game’s campaign will come as well, so it’s possible the studio is simply not talking about launch features yet.

We’ve asked Media Molecule for comment, and will update when/if the studio responds. In the meantime, here’s the game’s shiny new trailer:

Original Article (February 20th, 2019): One of the things that sets the PlayStation apart from PC platforms is the notable lack of an official Early Access program like on Steam and the Oculus Store. Nomenclature notwithstanding, it appears PSVR users will have to wait until the game’s Early Access period has ended to jump into the game, which has been confirmed to be PSVR compatible at launch.

“Early Access won’t have everything that the full version of Dreams will, but you’ll get 100% of the same Dreams tools that we have used every day at Mm to make our content,” says Siobhan Reddy, Media Molecule studio director. “As well as fun, deep interactive tutorials catering for all skill sets and levels and Mm-crafted arcade games ready to play and remix.

The studio says more features, tutorials, arcade levels and assets will be arriving during the Early Access period on the way to launch. According to a Dreams beta FAQ, the studio will be providing more details about VR at some point between now and then.

Dreams Early Access will be available digitally through the PlayStation Store this Spring, priced at $30. There’s still no word on exactly when Dreams will see its full release, although we’re hopeful to learn more soon.

Considering Dreams Early Access is being billed as a “strictly limited release,” it stands to reason that the studio will likely release PSVR support at its official launch. We’ve reached out to Media Molecule for clarification, and will update if/when we hear back.

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