'Echo Arena' for Oculus Quest Heads Into Closed Alpha Next Week – Road to VR

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Echo VR has been available on the Rift platform for some time now, and it appears Quest users will be able to get their first taste of its zero-G team sport, ‘Echo Arena’, in a closed alpha soon.

Kicking off into closed alpha on March 26th, Echo VR for Quest is said to bring at least one half of the experience, namely the high-flying team sport Echo Arena.

There’s still no word on when ‘Echo Combat’, the VR team shooter, will come into the mix. Neither its developers Ready at Dawn, nor producers Oculus Studios have mentioned whether that will ever be the case.

It was however previously confirmed that Quest and Rift players of Echo VR will share the same lobby space and be able to queue for ‘Echo Arena’ matches together, although its a bit of a bummer when Rift players can spirit themselves away to what has turned out to be an extremely fun addition.

There’s no launch date in sight yet, although if you want to take part in the closed alpha, click here to register.

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