Indie VR Gem 'Racket: NX' Launches on Oculus Quest with Cross-buy

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Indie VR gem Racket: NX (2018) launches today on Oculus Quest with cross-platform multiplayer with the Rift version of the game. Playing out as a techno-future infused mashup between Breakout and racquetball, Racket: Nx feels right at home on Quest thanks to its 360 degree tracking and lack of tether.

Lesser known but well received, Racket: Nx is a polished and high energy game which feels like a far flung imagining of racquetball fused with elements of Breakout. Players stand at the center of a 360 degree arena with neon targets that pulsate to the game’s excellent soundtrack. With a racket in hand, players smack the glowing orb to destroy some targets while avoiding others.

Having launched in Early Access back in 2017, Racket: Nx has been honed over the years, eventually hitting its full release for PC VR headsets in 2018 [our review]. Today Racket: Nx launches on Oculus Quest, and developer One Hamsa claims the game “is now tighter than ever, runs perfectly on the Quest, and without any significant compromises in visual fidelity or feel.”

On Quest, the game benefits from the headset’s 360 degree tracking and lack of tether. Priced at $20 (same as the PC version), the game also offers up cross-platform multiplayer between Quest and Rift. It’s at the moment unclear if the Quest version supports cross-buy with the Rift version, or if it can join multiplayer games with players using the Steam version of the game. We’ve reached out to the developers for confirmation.

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