Magic Leap 2 Release Date & Price Finally Revealed with Official Specs

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    Magic Leap today announced pricing and release date details for the company’s latest AR headset, Magic Leap 2.

    Magic Leap 2 Release Date and Price

    Magic Leap 2 is finally set to officially launch on September 30th, 2022. The company says the headset will come in three versions priced for different groups:

    Magic Leap 2 Base (for “professionals and developers”)
    • $3,300
    • One year warranty
      • $4,100
      • One year warranty
      • Access to developer tools, sample products, enterprise-grade features, and “monthly early releases for development and test purposes”
      • $5,000
      • Two year warranty
      • Two years of access to enterprise features and updates
      • Manageable via enterprise UEM/MDM solutions

      The headset’s starting price makes it clear that Magic Leap is positioning its latest headset as an alternative to Microsoft’s HoloLens 2; the $3,300 base price of Magic Leap 2 undercuts Microsoft’s offering by $200.

      On September 30th Magic Leap 2 will release first in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. The company expects the headset to launch in Japan and Singapore by the end of the year.

      Magic Leap 2 Specs

      Alongside the announcement of the headset’s price and release date, the company also shared an official list of Magic Leap 2 specs:

      Field-of-view70 degrees
      Resolution1,440 x 1,760
      Refresh Rate120Hz
      Brightness20 to 2,000 nits
      Colors16.8 million
      Camera12.6MP autofocus RGB camera
      4k at 30fps or 1,920 x 1,080 at 60fps video
      Volume-of-view37cm to infinity
      CPUAMD 7nm Quad-core Zen2 X86 core (8 threads)
      14 core CVIP engine
      Up to 3.92 GHz max with 512kB L2 per core
      4MB total L3 cache
      GPUAMD GFX10.2: 1SE 1SA 4 WGP (8 CUs) 2RB+
      1MB L2 Cache 964 MHz / Max 1.8 GHz
      AudioBuilt-in stereo speakers
      Sensors3x wide FoV World Cameras
      Depth Camera
      RGB Camera
      Ambient Light Sensor
      4x Eye-tracking Cameras
      4x IMU
      3-axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope
      2x 3-axis Magnetometer
      2x Altimeter
      Battery3.5hrs continuous use
      7hrs sleep mode
      AMD Platform Security Processor
      Security fencing between x86 and CVIP

      Interested in Magic Leap 2? Check out our recent hands-on with the device.

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