Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR Multiplayer Trailer Released

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    We’ve known Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond would include a multiplayer component, but with just a little over a week left before its December 11th launch, it wasn’t clear if developer Respawn Entertainment would offer much detail ahead of time. Luckily a new multiplayer trailer for the game released today, giving us our first good look at how it will play.

    As a studio known for its kinetic shooters (Titanfall, Apex Legends), there was little doubt that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond multiplayer would be a run-and-gun affair, and the new trailer does a great job of showing off how the action will play out.

    You can watch a high-quality version of the trailer on YouTube.

    While the delay in releasing info was worrisome, fortunately it looks like Above and Beyond will feature a full slate of five multiplayer modes across various maps.

    • Mad Bomber – Plant and defuse bombs
    • Deathmatch – Free for all
    • Team Deathmatch – Teams competing for kill count
    • Blast Radius – Explosive king of the hill
    • Domination – Take and hold territory points with your team
    • We don’t know how many weapons and maps yet, but the trailer showed at least nine different guns and two different grenades.

      With such a wide range of modes, there is of course concern that the player population could be stretched thin. Luckily the game is due to launch on both Oculus PC and SteamVR (it will be the first Oculus Studios title to be released on a non-Oculus platform). We’re hopeful that cross-play will be supported between the two platforms, though we don’t have explicit confirmation yet.

      Oculus has said it’s also looking into the possibility of bringing the game to Quest 2 in the future.

      Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond also includes a full single-player campaign, which you can read about and watch here.

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