Multiplayer VR Shooter 'Pavlov' Confirmed for Release on Oculus Quest – Road to VR

Pavlov VR is one of the most well known VR shooters, partially thanks to its viral success among YouTubers, and partially because it basically delivers on the dream of playing Counter-Strike in VR. Now, the studio behind Pavlov VR says a Quest version is currently in the works.

Developer davevillz says the studio has only had Quest on-hand for a few hours, although it’s proven to be compelling enough of an experience to commit to a bonafide version.

Davevillz maintains that since Steam Workshop provides a base for the game’s modded content however, that the Quest version will consequently have its own set of maps, putting a damper on full cross-playability.

Davevillz does say though that the studio is intending to release on the Oculus Store, although of course since it’s still so early in development, that there’s no firm date as such.

If you’re looking to test it out, the studio is throwing out an open alpha build that Quest owners can unofficially sideload (direct download link).

Intrepid testers can also send feedback via Pavlov VR’s Discord channel (invite link) and find more information there on how to load and play the alpha build.

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