Oculus Quest 2 128GB Model Goes on Sale Starting Today – Road to VR

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As promised, Facebook today introduced its new 128GB version of the Oculus Quest 2 headset for $300, entirely replacing the 64GB base model launched in October last year.

At the time of this writing, the 128GB variant is currently the only version on offer, with the 256GB version ($400) still listed as out of stock. You’ll find the 128GB model offered direct from Oculus, as well as from official partners including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Adorama in the US.

Other online retailers will likely catch up soon too, as many, such as NewEgg, MicroCenter, and B&H, have listed the 128GB variant as “coming soon” or releasing on August 24th.

Facebook globally paused sales on Oculus Quest 2 late last month due to a skin irritation issue with the headset’s face pad, something the company said affected a “very small percentage” of customers. Existing owners of Quest 2 can still request a free silicone cover directly from Oculus regardless of whether they experience skin irritation.

The company says it revealed no issues in its manufacturing process of the original 64GB and 256GB models, claiming that the minority of users were experiencing a reaction non-allergic in nature. Just the same, all newly shipped headsets are said to include the silicone cover just in case.

If you’re just now considering a Quest 2 purchase, make sure to check out our deep dive review where we called it “the best standalone headset” when it launched in October 13th, 2020. Outside of Quest 2’s impressive hardware, that’s even more true today than it was at launch.

Now with more games available from the Oculus Store, which is partially thanks to Oculus relaxing its app submission requirements and opening up its App Lab distribution channel, there’s more reason than ever to have extra on-board storage. Road to VR’s monthly rundown of the top 20 most popular and best-rated games on Quest is a great place to start if you’re looking to see what everyone else is playing.

Besides the flood of games, there’s been a lot more software improvements along the way this past year that have made the headset even more capable. With the entrance of Air Link, you can now play PC VR games wirelessly if you have a VR-capable PC. The company is also experimenting with passthrough augmented reality on Quest 2, something Facebook expects will bring new a brand new class of applications to the platform.

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