Oculus to Give Away ‘Star Wars Vader Immortal’ Series with New Quest Purchases – Road to VR

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Oculus Quest isn’t going to be on sale this Black Friday, although you can save some cash on a premium bit of content you might otherwise pick up anyway; the illustrious and most bad-ass of VR Star Wars experiences to come to Rift and Quest, the Star Wars Vader Immortal series. It’s all for free during this limited time offer.

If you’re looking to buy a Quest this holiday season, Oculus is giving away all three episodes of the Emmy-nominated series Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series—normally costing $29.97—for free with the purchase of an Oculus Quest headset between November 21st and January 31st.

Oculus says in a blog post that the offer is valid on Oculus Quest purchases between those dates. You’ll need to activate you Quest within 30 days of purchase to redeem the offer. At the time of this writing, the bundle terms still aren’t visible, but you should find them here.

With Vader Immortal: Episode III coming out on November 21st, the series will be complete. It sets you on the fiery lava planet of Mustafar where Darth Vader keeps his secret base. You not only gain more and more Jedi skillz as the experience progresses and move through a Star Wars story that is said to be cannon to the series, but you also have a neat little ‘Lightsaber Dojo’ available in each episode that lets you practice your new found force powers and weapons.

Check out our reviews of Episode I (we gave it a [8/10]) and Episode II (we gave it a [7.5/10]) while you wait.

The standalone headset, which lets you not only play games on-the-go but now Rift games with the help of Link, comes in two flavors, a 64 GB version for $400 and a 128 GB version for $500. There’s no external media here, so choose wisely.

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