Steam Winter Sale Brings Big Discounts to Top PC VR Games

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The holidays may have left you with a modest surplus of time and/or cash, and that never happens. Well, the fine people at Valve have a convenient solution in mind, as the Winter Sale has knocked down prices on top PC VR games that should get you through the cold winter.

Whether you’re kicking it with a bonafide PC VR headset or a shiny new Quest 2 to go along with your VR-ready PC, this winter’s Steam sale has you covered with a ton of top VR titles, some of which are currently 70% off.

The sale goes from now until January 5th at 10AM PT (local time here), so you still have some time to do the responsible thing and burn all of your fun money on video games.

Here’s our top picks. Remember, you can peruse the whole store easily here to see all of the VR stuff currently on sale.

GameSale PriceOriginalDiscount
Half-Life: Alyx$23.99$59.99-60%
Walkabout Mini Golf VR$8.99$14.99-40%
Skyrim VR$14.99$59.99-75%
Fallout 4 VR$14.99$59.99-75%
Red Matter$14.99$24.99-40%
Red Matter 2$22.49$29.99-25%
SUPERHOT VR$9.99$24.99-60%
Pavlov VR$14.99$24.99-40%
VTOL VR$20.99$29.99-30%
Zenith: The Last City$17.99$29.99-40%
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners$19.99$39.99-50%
Into the Radius VR$20.99$29.99-30%
Ancient Dungeon$14.99$19.99-25%
After the Fall$14.79$39.99-63%
Pistol Whip$17.99$29.99-40%
Budget Cuts$14.99$29.99-50%
Blood Trail$19.99$24.99-20%
Trover Sales the Universe$22.49$29.99-25%
I Expect You to Die$15.99$24.99-36%
I Expect You to Die 2$16.99$24.99-32%
Kayak VR: Mirage$16.09$22.99-30%
Arizona Sunshine$7.79$29.99-74%
Green Hell VR$12.99$24.99-50%
Until You Fall$12.49$24.99-50%
Vacation Simulator$22.49$29.99-25%

We’re keeping an eye out for more sales heading into the new year, so check back soon for all things VR in the coming days. We’re expecting to see a repeat of the Quest New Year’s sale, which ought to give you a chance to get some Quest native titles on the cheap in case you missed the Quest Winter Sale that just ended.

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