Metal Slug 3 and Warface are among this month’s Xbox Games With Gold offerings

Xbox Live Gold subscribers are getting a fresh slate of Games with Gold offerings in March. This time around, players will get access to four free games throughout the month.

Perhaps the biggest game coming to Games with Gold next month is Metal Slug 3. The classic side scroller will be available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers from March 1 to March 15.


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Warface: Breakout is also coming to Games with Gold this month. Breakout is the latest expansion for Warface, an online PVP tactical shooter that pits teams against each other in fast-paced matches. Warface is also getting a new in-game event during March that will focus on the game’s team deathmatch mode. Warface: Breakout will be available from March 1 to March 31.

Gold subscribers will also get access to Viscous Attack Llama Apocalypse, a top-down, twin-stick shooter, with couch co-op. The game follows a group of mech-piloting llamas as they face off against hordes of enemies in the apocalypse. Players can download Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse from March 16 to April 15.

Finally, players will also get Port Royale 3, a pirate simulation game that was originally released in 2012 on Xbox 360. Players can take on other ships in naval combat and use their plunder to build a glorious trading empire. Port Royale 3 will be available from March 16 to March 31.

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