Xbox One S All-Digital Edition launches May 7 for $249.99

Microsoft’s discless version of the Xbox One — officially known as the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition — will be released on May 7 and will cost $249.99. That makes it the least expensive Xbox One in Microsoft’s lineup, $50 less than the standard Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will, as its name implies, will only play digital games and other digital content, like movies, music, and television series. It will also include three digital games as part of the base packing: Playground Games’ open-world racer Forza Horizon 3, Mojang’s creative building game Minecraft, and Rare’s pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves. Those three games would cost $119.97 if you were to purchase them digitally, making the download-only Xbox One S a pretty good deal for new console owners.

Buyers will also get access to Xbox Game Pass for a discount: $1 for three months.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition are live now at the Xbox Store, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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