Xbox: You Can Check Your Decade's Achievements With This Great Tool

Xbox Achievements remain a core part of the Xbox ecosystem, and having a high gamerscore in a game–or finally snagging a difficult Achievement–can feel pretty good. Xbox achievement tracking site True Achievements has created a tool, called #MyDecadeOnXbox, to give you some insight into your own play habits.

Log into your Xbox account and the site’s tracker will tell you how many games you played over that decade on Xbox, how many achievements and gamerscore you unlocked, how many of those achievements were rare, and much more. It tracks your best month and day for achievements, gives you a platform breakdown, and lists your rarest achievements.

It’s worth noting that this is not an official Microsoft initiative–you will need a True Achievements account, and you’ll need to give them access to your Xbox account information to get these figures.

It’s an interesting list of statistics, and a good way to chart how your play habits on Xbox systems have or have not changed. Xbox Achievements have changed a lot over the decade, as the distinction between retail and “arcade” games has been dropped, and Microsoft has been less rigid over how many Achievements a game can or can’t have. You can even earn them on Switch, but only in a tiny handful of games.

Achievements will likely remain a big part of the Xbox Series X when it launches in late 2020. There are still plenty of Xbox One games on the horizon as well, though, so Achievement hunters will be able to keep busy this year.

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