Best Skin Bounds and CS:GO Cases for Online Battles

CS:GO is an exciting video game that attracts players worldwide. It’s a unique multiplayer system, various DLCs, and events, excellent in-game interaction with the players, etc., make it the most significant shooter ever. Skins are the crucial elements of the game, which entirely build the connection between the players who continuously sell and trade them. Therefore, opening cases in CS:GO or doing it cheaper on specific websites are the most popular methods to acquire new skins.

Although, the players use alternative ways of getting skins. One of them is CS:GO case battle. The players build a custom lobby where they decide the number of cases to open and confirm their readiness for competition. The lobby member with the most expensive reward wins the match, takes his winnings and the enemy’s drop. Many players compete for the skins from different collections to get the most desired one. Let’s discover the permanent leaders of the user’s attention ranking and remember the first cases with skins.

What is the Concept of Case Drop in CS:GO?

When the player opens a case from a specific collection, he starts a random mechanism. The game developers made it equal for everybody and implemented different chances to drop specific category skins.

Therefore, there are 7 rarities of the items represented in CS:GO and used during the battles: 

  • Consumer: it is the cheapest rarity and includes skins with medium and low design quality (the skin’s naming bar is outlined with white).
  • Industrial: the group includes cheap items with the regular price of no more than $1 (the skin’s name is highlighted with light blue).
  • Military: the items of such a category are considered rare, and each case includes at least 1 military skin (it’s name and class are outlined with dark blue).
  • Restricted: the skins have medium uniqueness, usually costing $3-6. Once Deagle “Blaze” was one of the most desired skins in CS:GO (the rarity is represented with the purple color).
  • Classified: the skins are rare and regularly appreciated by the community because most look exciting and cost average (the color for the skin’s rarity is pink).
  • Covert: most items are infrequent and hard to get from in-game case drop. The “red” things always were one of the most desired. The knives build up the most significant category of the group.
  • Contraband: there are 2 items of such a rarity – M4A4 “Howl” and the sticker “Howl.” Each of them costs more than $1,000, and some variations with the different float value may reach the price of $1,000,000.

Therefore, the chance of getting “industrial” skin (many usually include no consumers) is the highest, and the “covert” ones are very hard to knock out. The skin’s price also depends on its quality: the “Factory new” is the highest quality, and “Battle-scarred” is the lowest. StatTrak status also allows counting the kills during the CS:GO battle represented on the specific counter (as a rule, such weapons cost more than the standard ones).

Top 7 Cases to Get the Best Items for CS:GO Battles

Here you can look through the best CS:GO collections, representing the game’s most demanded and exciting skins. Each set is beloved by the players, who regularly open different cases.

Arms Deal 2 

The case belongs to the primary collection, added after the first CS:GO updates. The famous P90 “Cold Blooded” and SSG 08 “Blood in the Water” were the regular targets of community members. Now the case costs approximately $6, and it’s item price reaches $280.

eSports 2013 Case 

It is one of the oldest skin sets, including many popular skins such as AWP “Boom” and P90 “Death by Kitty.” There are some items of low rarity (AK-47 “Red Laminate”, P250 “Splash”, etc.) which have a medium price but are also appreciated by the users.

Glove Case 

Speaking about the guns, the most regularly hunted by the users are SSG 08 “Dragonfire” and M4A4 “Buzz Kill.” The developers implemented the gloves, a new skin for the character’s hand textures.

There are several types of such an item:

  • Specialist.
  • Sport.
  • Driver.
  • Moto.

Nowadays, the players can see various skins from the Glove case during the CS:GO battle because the collection represents items with the perfect design.

Gamma 2 

When the case appeared, the users mainly paid attention to the exciting AK-47 “Neon Revolution” and Famas “Roll Cage.” The game update with the collection also introduced the new knife skins such as Lore, Gamma Doppler, Autotronics, etc.

Shadow Case 

Shadow daggers, the specific knife type, were introduced with the collection.

Several skins from the case instantly won popularity among the CS:GO community:

  • USP-S “Kill confirmed.”
  • M4A1-S “Golden Coil.”
  • AK-47 “Frontside Misty.”

The listed skins are still popular, and many players look for different ways to get them and show them to everybody during the CS:GO battle.

Wildfire Case 

The operation included a new set of items with the unique bowie knife type (its skins include regular Fade, Doppler, Tiger Tooth, etc.).

Speaking about the things for guns, the most popular are the following: 

  • AK-47 “Fuel Injector.”
  • M4A4 “The Battlestar.”
  • Desert Eagle “Kumicho Dragon.”

The online markets set high prices for the Wildfire covert items – it variates from $10-120 for different skin qualities and rarities. The operation was also considered one of the best and included a fantastic campaign with specific missions.

Chroma 3 

The collection included various exciting items such as M4A4 “Chantico’s fire”, PP-Bizon “Judgment of Anubis,” P250 “Asiimov,” and others. There are also 30 possible knives, which the most successful players can get after the case opening. The case also includes beautiful budgetary skins, used in many CS:GO matchmaking battles.

To Sum Up

Overall, the skin collection includes various items appreciated by the wonderful worldwide community, which represents them during the online CS:GO battles. One of the skins may perfectly supplement the collection of many devoted fans of CS:GO and make in-game time spending more exciting and attractive.