What you need to know about the Fortnite Battle Royale’s cross-platform features

An exciting action game Fortnite: Battle Royale allows the player to pass all the trials on the dangerous island. He is in danger everywhere, and his only task is to save his life. At first glance, it may seem that this is an easy task, but there is one unpleasant circumstance – you have no equipment. The developers of Epic Games made sure that the game was interesting and dangerous.

According to the instructions for the game, additional bonuses are waiting for you, which you can use after you complete the tasks. All the secrets, bonuses, and additional benefits are worth it to make every effort to cope with all the tasks.

If you are already ready to try your luck in this exciting game, then you should take a step towards adventure – Fortnite Battle Royale registration!

It is a pretty simple process that even a child can handle, but there are some steps that you cannot ignore.

Fortnite Battle Royale registration is the first and important step, and you should go to the Epic Games homepage and create your account.

Cross-platform in Fortnite allows players to play on PS4 or XOne, but without registration, it is not possible. So go to the Epic Games homepage and create an account that allows you to take full advantage of Fortnite’s gameplay.

You can use temp mail to create an account if you do not want to provide personal information about yourself. We are sure that you understand all the advantages of using temporary mail, and it is not difficult to create it. Go to the temp email generation site and follow the instructions. This way you protect your persistent mail from spam and mailing intrusions.

We want to draw your attention, if you have difficulty adding friends to the game, then you need to install the application on the computer. We recommend that you use the account that you create using temp mail after you successfully install the application. Now you can invite friends and enjoy the game.