How to Choose a Safe Online Casino

The online world is filled with different casinos to have fun at (and hopefully win a little bit or even a lot of cash). Especially in 2020 online gambling has risen in its popularity due to people being locked in and all of us run out of shows to watch on streaming services. Even though gambling is all fun, the rise of popularity does, in fact, create some issues that need to be taken seriously.

It is essential to choose a safe online casino to bet your money at (or play demo games for free), since players do need to give some sensitive information, such as verification of their identity, age, and so on. Due to the rising number of gamblers, unfortunately, there is a rise in unsafe casinos, which also know how to hide this aspect.

If you are reading this as a new player in the gambling world, you might think that as long as the casino website holds a 128 bit SSL encryption and safe payment options, it is safe to play, but there are actually many other aspects to take into account. But worry not, we will introduce them below, so you can feel completely safe when you have fun!

Responsive Customer Support
Let’s begin with the first step. You should always make sure that the casino has a responsive customer service system in use. As an example, if you decide to make a Jackie Jackpot login, you can find out that they have customer support that can be reached via live chat and also email. Some casinos even have a phone system in place. The casino must include help because let’s face it; sometimes it is needed when playing.

Casino license means that they will obey a particular set of laws when operating their business. If you as a player notice any type of misbehaviour, you can contact this authority, and they will help you with the issue. There are many different licenses, and it does depend on your location what license you should look for. Some of the trustworthy and strict licenses are provided by the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission. If you notice the logos of these licenses on the website, it means that they must have filled the requirements to be able to get the permit.

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The best thing is that the licenses have an expiration date. In other words, the casino needs to continue filling the requirements to be able to keep the license.

Tools for Responsible Gaming
Another important aspect is acknowledging the fact that gambling is an addictive activity. This is why the online casino must have great tools to ensure responsible gaming. No player should feel that the casino just blindly encourages them to make deposits, but actually makes sure that there is help when needed.

Random Number Generator 
Have you ever thought about how online casino players actually end up winning? To make sure that the house doesn’t always win, safe online casino locations use a Random Number Generator. This ensures that there are no tricks regarding the outcome of the play, but it’s truly a random one. If a casino doesn’t use RNG in their games, you should choose another gaming location. Thankfully many gambling locations use this feature for example, if you login to Jackie Jackpot casino, you can be sure that the outcome is always fair.

How to Find Safe Casinos Fast 
All this might feel overwhelming to keep track of. It does take considerable effort to go through the online casino you wish to play at and they will fill all the requirements for a safe gambling location. Thankfully, some websites are entirely devoted to doing the work for you! For example, EkstraPoint reviews online casinos (and slots), and you can easily find a fun, safe location since they only introduce casinos that are safe to play. Additionally, they have great offers for these casinos, that the players can take advantage of when they start playing. This is an entirely safe online casino, ticking all the boxes when it comes to licensing, secure website, tools for responsible gaming, and use of random number generators.