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Are you looking for a way to stay updated with the adult industry? Well, you are at the right place; below is a list of the top searched pornstars that you surely won’t want to miss. From their captivating on-screen presence to their thrilling performances, these girls have made a huge mark in the adult entertainment industry.

Few pornstars are more searched than others; there could be many reasons, such as the popularity of their videos, photo shoots, etc. One of the reasons people search for these celebrities is they provide good content. So, for high-quality content, you can go to RabbitsReviews. So, are you ready to know their names? Get ready to dive into the list of some of the hottest personalities and be prepared to witness their on-fire performance.

1. Lana Rhoades

Whoever has seen this beauty will not be able to take their eyes off it. One of the most searched pornstars is Lana Rhoades, who is only 27 years old. She was born on 6th September 1996 in Chicago. She entered the porn industry in 2016, and in two years, she gained immense popularity and got love across the world. Viewers loved her gangbang videos and strip teases. Her brown hair, blue eyes, and of course, her unique personality will definitely work you up in no time!

2. Mia Khalifa

Whenever there is a talk of the most searched pornstars, one name that comes to millions of minds is Mia Khalifa. This girl from middle east origin has made a massive impact on the porn industry. Even though she left the adult entertainment industry, people are still really into her. They still search for her videos, so what is the reason behind her popularity?

Credit goes to her body and the sexual oomph that she creates with the porn scenes and her naughty smile. She is equally famous among teenagers and adults. Not only is she popular, she has been one of the controversial actresses too.

3. Abella Danger

Her name describes her personality but in a good way! Yes, she is dangerous, but to her fellow pornstars, she is one of the most searched porn stars in the industry. She joined the industry when she was 19, and in her 8-year career, she has been ruling the industry and millions of hearts.

She still tingles with the hearts of people of different ages. People consider her the sex goddess. Well, they are not wrong; her brown hair, hazel eyes, and big boobs can fulfill anyone’s desires. She was part of ‘Spiegler Girls,’ which is considered the top professional agency in adult entertainment. In fact, she was also awarded the “Best Newcomer” in 2016.

4. Riley Reid!

Her stunning features and figures can make everyone’s heart swoon. Yes, we are talking about Riley Reid! She may not be the archetypical porn star that is ingrained in the viewer’s mind, but she is something that everyone wants. She has won around 45 awards, which shows what a magnificent performer she is.

She joined the industry at the age of 19, and she is quite popular among men and women of all ages. Her videos garner billions of views, and this long brown hair and big-eyed girl is definitely the girl next door.

5. Brandi Love

It is time to make way for our very own MILF, Brandi Love! She joined the industry in 2004, and she is still banging on! In fact, she is one of the highest-paid adult movie stars. Her industry success has boosted her bank balance too.

Her slutty performance and busty figure are the reason that she is on this list. Her naughty gestures are enough to make anyone go crazy for her. This 50-year-old MILF has amazing eyes and brown hair that make people crazy for her. Her “Mom teaches sex” videos are immensely popular’ after all, who does not want to be taught by this hot mom?

6. Mia Malkova

This list is incomplete without the name of one stunning diva: Mia Malkova. She started her career by working as a service girl at McDonalds. But her life took a fantastic turn when she joined the porn industry. She got popular with the blowjob scene, and after that, she never looked back. She once said that she got into this industry because she loves sex, and this industry is the best place to explore different forms of sex. Well, her thirst for exploration surely makes viewers gasping for breath! Her expressions are something to die for!

7. Adriana Chechik

Another famous name in this list is Adriana Chechik. Most porn stars have changed their name for the industry; however, Adriana is one of the stars who have not changed her name. Before she entered the industry, she was working as a stripper in a local club. Her figure has the power to make the viewers go crazy and let out oohs and ahs! Her brown hair and green eyes, combined with her acting, provide an irresistible experience. It becomes difficult for her fans to keep control.

8. Lisa Ann

It is not wrong to say that Lisa Ann is the goddess! Her contribution to the porn industry is huge, and her amazing scenes have elevated the quality of this industry. She is the MILF that can satisfy anyone’s sexual desires and urges. She has around 14 years of experience working in porn; however, she is retired now. But her excellent performance and arousing figure still make the viewer’s heart beat faster.


Summing up, these were some of the top searched pornstars in 2023 that you should not miss. In the porn industry, many girls come; however, they disappear after filming a few scenes, and some have a lasting impact and blow everyone’s mind. They get people talking and excited, and the credit gives to their outstanding delivery and sexy expressions. So, check out these stars in action, get your hands on good-quality content, and be ready to have a great time!

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