Apex Legends Season 19 release time, Ignite launch date and more

Apex Legends developer Respawn is about to unleash a brand new season on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Titled Ignite, Apex Legends Season 19 has an October 31 release date and a 6pm GMT UK launch time. Among other things, the season introduces a new character named Conduit, as well as a big overhaul to the Storm Point map, not to mention a host of fresh rewards and unlockable items.

The new character Conduit is a support Legend capable of regenerating shields and deploying shield jamming devices.

“Conduit is like a firework – warm, bright, and short-lived,” reads an Apex Legends blog post.

‘To rise quickly, Rowenna must don a combat rig made of an incomplete Monarch Titan that she knows is poisoning her.

“But it’s a price she’s willing to pay for her dream of being a Legend. Despite the fact she’s exchanging her life and health to be Conduit, Rowenna is having fun because she knows the Apex Games.”

Conduit’s Passive is dubbed Saviour’s Speed, which sees the hero gain a burst of speed when running toward a teammate out of Tactical range.

Conduit’s Tactical is Radiant Transfer, which lets her blast an ally with energy, regenerating temporary shields for them when in danger.

Finally, Conduit’s Ultimate is Energy Barricade, which sees her deploy shield jamming devices to damage and slow enemies.

You can check out the Season 19 gameplay trailer below…


As for Storm Point, the map will be reduced in size to ensure players are thrust into the action. 

“Significant map size reductions to both the southern coastline and northern mountainous areas make these zones more attractive for early combat and reduce the overall distance between squads.,” Respawn explains.

Respawn will also add a new central point of interest, including Wattson’s Pylon and the CETO Station.

“Reduce friction of central rotations. With CETO Station replacing Prowler Island and a reworked Prowler-less Forbidden Zone, rotations through the center of map have never been smoother.”

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