Baldur’s Gate 3 gets a BIG update on PS5 and PC – Full patch notes and changes

Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian has released a brand new update for the PS5 and PC role-playing game. The new Hotfix clears up a ton of problems with the game, fixing various crashes, sound issues and gameplay problems. It’s particularly good news for PS5 owners, as the update fixes a problem that would cause the sound to crash on the PlayStation console. Elsewhere, Larian has fixed a bug that locked players out of many of Minthara’s lines of dialogue, as well as an issue revolving around dialogue. You can check out the full list of Baldur’s Gate 3 patch notes below.

PlayStation Store credit lets you purchase digital downloads from the PS5 and PS4 online stores.

PlayStation Store credit lets you purchase digital downloads from the PS5 and PS4 online stores.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 5 patch notes…


• Fixed a bug that locked players out of many of Minthara’s lines of dialogue.


• Fixed sometimes not being able to talk to NPCs or party members because the game thought you were still in a dialogue.

• Fixed a rare crash that would occur when faraway characters got close to the party.

• Fixed a crash that would occur if a guard responding to a crime created a summon (e.g. an elemental), and you fled the combat or were incapacitated without killing the summon.


• Fixed an issue causing the game’s audio to stop working on PS5.

• Fixed graphical issues on HDR TVs when the HDR black level calibration was set to 0.

• Fixed a crash that would occur when opening the onscreen keyboard.


• Fixed a memory leak when creating and destroying many objects.


• Improved performance when cycling through Character Sheet tabs in splitscreen.

• Fixed splitscreen not working correctly when a client with splitscreen already enabled joins a multiplayer game.

• Fixed dismissed avatars not showing up properly in Withers’ Wardrobe if the host is at camp and is already looking inside the wardrobe.

• Fixed characters sometimes disappearing on splitscreen when the client reconnects after disconnecting while listening in on a dialogue.

• Clients rejoining a multiplayer game where there’s a dismissed avatar in Withers’ Wardrobe will now be able to pick that avatar up again rather than have to create a new avatar.

 – (This bug would happen when the client left the session and another player selected that client’s avatar in the middle of the dismiss-to-camp dialogue.)


• Trader NPCs will now retain their Approval Rating of avatars and companions even after they’re dismissed to Withers’ Wardrobe.

• Fixed not dying and therefore not triggering the Game Over flow if you bring him to 0 HP outside of combat in .

• Fixed not being able to talk to Minthara at camp if you dismissed her outside of camp.

• Fixed Level Up not working as expected if you level up while the game is saving.

• Fixed Hag’s Bane not having an effect on

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• Fixed text being cut off in the title of tutorial pop-ups.

• Fixed button prompts getting cut off on the Multiplayer Settings screen on splitscreen.

• Fixed some UIs not updating when saving, causing, for example, Shadowheart’s inventory to appear empty when you recruit her on the beach.

• Fixed the tadpole count in the Radial Menu on controller.


• Fixed characters getting stuck when the Analog Stick Selection setting is set to Left Stick and you rotate the stick in circles as far as it can go.


• Added nipple covers to for when the nudity filter is enabled.


• Moved Withers’ Wardrobe in the crèche camp to avoid clipping with Shadowheart’s tent.

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