Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 full patch notes: CD Projekt transforms RPG for better

With the release of Cyberpunk 2077 expansion Phantom Liberty just a few days away, developer CD Projekt has released a massive new update that completely transforms the game. Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 introduces a new skill tree and perk system, new combat features, improved traffic systems, police behaviour and a whole lot more. It even adds a brand new radio station. Depending on your platform, the update weighs in between 18-50GB! Unfortunately, however, it’s only available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, so you might want to upgrade if you haven’t already. You can check out the patch notes for Cyberpunk’s massive new update below…



New Police System

• The NCPD will chase you when you commit a crime, whether on foot or in a vehicle.

• The types of units in pursuit and their behavior will depend on your NCPD Wanted Level. These chases can include various NCPD vehicles, roadblocks and MaxTac swooping in with AVs.

• The NCPD will now be present in the world, actively patrolling the streets of Night City. Officers working at crime scenes will now also engage in pursuits.

• You can now hear NCPD radio chatter through the radio.

• It’s now possible to quickhack NCPD officers.

Vehicle Combat

• Added the option to engage in combat while driving a vehicle from either first-person or third-person perspective. While driving, you can use pistols, submachine guns and health items. Some vehicles come equipped with mounted weapons. Melee combat is possible on motorcycles.

• Vehicle tires can now be shot or slashed.

• Introduced new Perks that unlock a variety of vehicle-related abilities such as quickhacking vehicles, increasing collision damage, boosting vehicle weaponry, allowing the use of Sandevistan and Kerenzikov cyberware, and the ability to exit moving vehicles quickly and stylishly.

• Vehicles vary in durability. Vehicles equipped with CrystalDome technology receive additional protection.

• You can now encounter AI-driven and randomized chases between different factions in a given district.

Combat AI Enhancements

We made numerous improvements to enemy AI, including…

• Various enhancements to enemy netrunner AI.

• Improved NPC reactions to grenades and their use of grenades.

• Improved NPC reaction time when flanked.

• Faster detection by enemies when you’re walking or sprinting.

• Enemies equipped with Sandevistan cyberware will now activate it to counter a player who uses their own.

• Enemies that don’t hear a silenced weapon but do notice the bullet impact will now properly investigate the source of the gunshot.

• Made improvements for scenarios where a group of NPCs can join another group in combat against you.

Netrunning Changes

• Added Perks to expand netrunning capabilities. For example, a new Overclock mode allows you to upload quickhacks by consuming Health if you have insufficient RAM. You can also acquire the ability to queue multiple quickhacks on a single enemy.

• Rebalanced RAM costs.

• Rebalanced damage and upload time. Changed the effects of some quickhacks.

• Removed the option to use Breach Protocol on enemies.


• Health Items and grenades now have a limited number of charges that recharge over time after being used.

• Stamina is no longer drained outside of combat for actions like sprinting, sliding and jumping. Stamina is drained when firing ranged weapons or attacking with melee weapons. Stamina cost varies by weapon.

• Improved the Aim Assist feature.

• Rebalanced the base game’s main boss fights.

• Introduced Armor Penetration for the base game’s main bosses.

• Removed the one-hit kill protection from civilians.

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• A complete Perk tree overhaul. These trees now contain fewer perks, but impact gameplay in a more meaningful way. Progressing in a given Perk tree will allow you to unlock special abilities such as Overclock mode for netrunners, Bolt shots for Tech weapons, the Adrenaline Rush ability for Body-focused character builds, and so on. Because we introduced extensive changes to the Perk system, your spent Perk points on existing playthroughs have been refunded. You can also choose to reset your Attributes once. Feel free to redistribute these Perk and Attribute points to suit your preferred playstyle before you continue playing.

• We merged the previous Skills into five new ones – Headhunter, Netrunner, Shinobi, Solo, Engineer. These are not restricted by their corresponding Attribute’s level. On existing playthroughs, your progression on old skills has been transferred to their new counterparts. Skills unlock new passive buffs every 5 levels, and can be leveled up to a max of 60.

• Removed the option to reset all Perks at once. Instead, it is now possible to refund each Perk individually for free.

• Introduced new kinds of progression shards: Attribute Shards, Carrying Capacity Shards and Cyberware Capacity Shards.


• Armor is now provided primarily by cyberware. As a result, clothing’s purpose is mostly cosmetic. Clothing items no longer have mod slots, and only some items provide bonuses.

• The number of cyberware implants your body can handle is now determined by your Cyberware Capacity.

• Cyberware implants are now Attuned to specific Attributes – the higher the Attribute, the stronger the stat bonus.

• You can now upgrade cyberware on the ripperdoc screen.

• Some Cyberware slots can be unlocked by acquiring specific Perks.

• Added multiple new kinds of Cyberware.

• Visiting ripperdocs is now more immersive. When getting cyberware installed, you sit on an operating chair and experience different animations depending on the type of implant.

• Added a side quest introducing the new cyberware system for players who load an older save on the 2.0 update.


• Changed the unique effects of some Iconic weapons to better reflect their distinctive features.

• The “first equip” animation can now be triggered at any time.

• Added smoke grenades.

• Added new melee weapon Finishers.

• You can now find a Thermal Katana in the game.

• Added new weapon mods and reworked some existing ones. Once installed in a weapon, mods are irreplaceable.

• All obsolete weapon mods will be removed from the game. In their place you will find new, random weapon mods in your backpack. The quality of any mods added this way depends on your level.

• Removed the silencer slot from Revolvers.

• Removed the scope slot from Light Machine Guns.

• Implemented a new way to craft weapon mods. To craft a mod, you must first have 2 mods of lower quality.

• Expanded the stash wall in V’s apartment to display all of the Iconic weapons from the base game.



• NPC vehicles can now switch lanes to avoid obstacles.

• Pedestrians will now try to avoid running into moving vehicles.

• NPC drivers are now better at avoiding you when you are on foot.

• Improved braking, acceleration and suspension of cars in traffic.

• Some NPCs now might react aggressively when you hijack their vehicle.

• Various improvements to traffic density depending on time of day and night, resulting in more realistic traffic behavior.

• Driving with a quest-related NPC in your vehicle no longer disables traffic in the occupied lane, resulting in the feeling of a busier city.

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• All NPCs now scale to your level. Enemy difficulty is no longer dependent on what area of Night City you’re in.

• Enemies will have different tiers depending on the faction they belong to.

• Some NPC archetypes will feature Low, Medium or High armor.

• All resistances for regular NPCs have been removed.

• Rebalanced game difficulty to increase the challenge at higher difficulties.


• Weapons now scale damage based on their Tier.

• The damage for Smart weapons has been lowered, but they now benefit from dedicated Perks.


• Loot now scales to your level.

• Removed excessive findable loot in the game, such as loot that distracts from scenes and quest locations.

• NPCs no longer drop clothing.

Crafting & Upgrading

• Crafting and upgrading now require only one type of component instead of multiple types.

• Replaced old rarity levels (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary) with Tiers (from Tier 1 to 5++).

• Apart from cyberware, now only Iconic weapons can be upgraded. They gain a higher Tier with each upgrade.


• You can now access the Wardrobe feature through clothing vendors.

• Vendor stocks scale with your level, expanding as you reach a new Tier.

• Updated vendor stocks so that each has a more distinctive theme and specialization.

• Vendors no longer sell quickhack and crafting components.

• Adjusted the prices of weapons, cyberware, apartments, clothing and more.


• Changed the target upscaling resolution on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in Performance Mode from dynamic 4k to dynamic 1800p for improved performance and image quality.

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