Diablo 4 update 1.1.1 patch notes – Great news for disappointed Diablo fans

Blizzard has posted the full list of patch notes for Diablo 4 update 1.1.1 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The new update will be available to download on all platforms from around 6pm BST UK time on August 8. Following on from a recent developer live stream in which the studio outlined some of the changes coming to Diablo 4, Blizzard has now posted the entire set of update 1.1.1 patch notes. The update aims to rectify some of the controversial changes made as part of the universally hated Season 1 update in July.

As you can see from the patch notes below, update 1.1.1 re-balances each character class to provide a more exciting experience.

The Sorcerer, for example, has an increase in Chain Lightning damage, as well as a wider fireball radius.

The Barbarian’s Enhanced Charge attack will do double the damage, while Fury generation is increased for all basic skills.

The Rogue also receives numerous buffs, including to the Rain of Arrows attack, which knocks down enemies for three seconds during its first wave.

Elsewhere, some areas will have more monsters to battle, while bosses will be boosted to make things more challenging in World Tiers three and four. This also ties in to improved item drops.

You can check out the Diablo 4 update 1.1.1 patch notes for PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC below…


Diablo 4 update 1.1.1 patch notes…




• Bash

 – Fury gained increased from 11 to 13.

• Flay

 – Fury gained increased from 10 to 13.

• Enhanced Frenzy

 – Fury gained increased from 2 to 3.

• Lunging Strike

 – Fury gained increased from 10 to 12.

• Double Swing

 – Damage increased from 40% to 50%.

• Enhanced Rupture

 – Damage increased from 45% to 70%.

• Enhanced Charge

 – Damage increased from 30% to 60%.

• Mighty Charge

 – Vulnerable duration increased from 2 to 4 seconds.

• Violent Upheaval

 – If Upheaval damages at least 2 enemies or a Boss, you gain Berserking for 2 seconds, increased to 3 seconds if it damages at least 4 enemies.


• Aggressive Resistance

 – Damage reduction increased from 3% to 4%.

• Gushing Wounds

 – Bleed damage dealt based on Critical Damage bonus increased from 100% to 115%.

 – Bleed damage when Overpowering increased from 11% to 70%.

• Unconstrained

 – Berserking damage bonus increased from 25% to 35%.

 – Updated the tooltip to more clearly reflect this Key Passive’s value

• Walking Arsenal

 – Bonus damage duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds.


• Aspect of Ancestral Force

 – Damage increased from 32-50% to 40-58%.

• Death Wish Aspect

 – Thorns increased from .5-.75 to .65-.85.

• Aspect of Unrelenting Fury

 – Core Skill cost to refund increased from 10-20% to 20-30%.

  – Additional functionality:

    – Cost refund also granted when hitting Bosses.

• Aspect of Ancestral Charge

 – Damage increased from 50-100% to 75-125%.

• Aspect of Burning Rage

 – Damage increased from .22-.28 to .3-.38.

• Aspect of Bul-Kathos

 – Damage reduction while in Earthquakes increased from 5-15% to 15-25%.

• Earthquake Aspect

 – Damage bonus in Earthquakes increased from 5-15% to 15-25%.


• Fields of Crimson

 – Damage increased from .18-.34 to .22-.38.

 – Damage that enemies take standing in pools increased from 15% to 20%.

 – Rupture Cooldown Reduction affix replaced with Bonus Critical Strike Damage.

• Hellhammer

 – Damage increased from .6-.8 to .85-1.1.

 – Burning duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

 – Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies affix replaced with Bonus Critical Strike Damage.

• Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus

 – Physical Damage affix replaced with Vulnerable Damage.

• 100,000 Steps

 – Attacks reduce Evade’s cooldown affix replace with bonus Evade charges.

 – Damage against Stunned affix replace with bonus Movement Speed.

• Battle Trance

 – Basic Skill Damage affix replaced with Cooldown Reduction.

 – Bonus Attack Speed to other skills increased from 10-20% to 35-45%.

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• Flickering Fire Bolt

 – Fire Bolt generates 2 Mana when hitting an enemy.

• Enhanced Fireball

 – Casting Fireball increases its radius by 50%.

• Destructive Fireball

 – Fireball’s Critical Strike Damage is increased by 20%. This bonus is increased to 30% if Fireball hits at least 3 enemies.

• Greater Chain Lightning

 – Each time Chain Lightning bounces, it deals 5% increased damage for its duration.

• Destructive Chain Lightning

 – Chance to form Crackling Energy increased from 25% to 30%.


• Vyr’s Mastery

 – Damage bonus increased from 10% to 15%.

• Esu’s Ferocity

  – Additional functionality:

    – Both bonuses are also granted for 3 seconds when hitting a Boss with a Critical Strike.

• Combustion

– Your Burning effects deal x20% increased damage, plus an additional x2% increased damage per unique source of Burning you have applied to the enemy.


• Searing Heat Legendary Node

 – Casting Fireball or Meteor increases your Critical Strike Chance by 5% for 5 seconds, up to 15%.

• Ceaseless Conduit Legendary Node

 – Increase Crackling Energy’s damage from 2% to 3% per 20 Intelligence the player has Reinforce Rare Glyph.

 – Damage reduction increased from 10% to 15%.

• Territorial Rare Glyph

 – Damage reduction increased from 10% to 15%.

• Warding Rare Glyph

 – Damage reduction increased from 13% to 25%.

• Keeper of Flames Rare Node

 – Damage reduction increased from 4% to 5%.

 – Bonus damage reduction increased from 4% to 5%.

• Smoldering Embers Rare Node

 – Damage reduction from burning enemies increased from 4% to 5%.

 – Bonus damage reduction from burning enemies increased from 4% to 5%.

• Guarded Rare Node

 – Damage reduction from Vulnerable enemies increased from 4% to 5%.

 – Bonus damage reduction from Vulnerable enemies increased from 4% to 5%.

• Oppressive Rare Node

 – Damage reduction from Vulnerable enemies increased from 4% to 5%.

• Lightning Resilience Rare Node

 – Maximum Life bonus increased from 4% to 6%.


• Serpentine Aspect

 – You may have 1 additional Hydra active, and Hydra’s duration is increased by 14-24%.

 – This now also affects Hydra’s Enchantment Effect.

• Aspect of Conflagration

 – Bonus Burning damage increased from 20-30% to 20-40%.

• Aspect of Engulfing Flames

 – Bonus Burning damage increased from 30%-40% to 60%-80%.

• Aspect of Three Curses

 – Increase the Critical Strike Damage of Meteor and Fireball by 20%-40%. Double this bonus against Healthy enemies.

• Flamewalker’s Aspect

 – Bonus Movement Speed duration increased from 4 to 6 seconds.

• Gravitational Aspect

 – Ball Lightning orbits around you and deals 15-25% increased damage.

• Aspect of Unbroken Tether

 – Additional Chain Lightning bounces increased from 2 to 4.

• Recharging Aspect

 – Each time Chain Lightning bounces, you gain 1.5-3 Mana.

• Charged Aspect

 – Bonus Movement Speed duration increased from 4 to 8 seconds.

• Aspect of the Bounding Conduit

 – Bonus Movement Speed increased from 20-25% to 25-30%.

• New Legendary – Mage-Lord’s Aspect

 – Increase Vyr’s Mastery Key Passive’s Damage Reduction by 6-9% for each Close enemy, up to 18-27%.

• Aspect of Frozen Orbit

 – Damage increased from 20-30% to 30-40%.

• Storm Swell Aspect

 – Bonus damage increased from 11-20% to 21-30%.

• Snowveiled Aspect

 – Unstoppable duration increased from 2-3 seconds to 3-5 seconds.

  – Additional functionality:

    – Also grants 10% bonus Armor for 3-5 seconds.

• Incendiary Aspect

 – Lucky Hit: Damage from your Pyromancy skills has up to a 12-17% chance to restore 10 Mana.

• Snowguard’s Aspect

 – While within your own Blizzard and for 3 seconds after leaving it, you take 20-25% less damage.

• Aspect of Concentration

 – Mana Regeneration increased from 20-30% to 40-50%.

 – Duration requirement to gain its benefit reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.


• Gloves of the Illuminator

 – Damage penalty reduced from 65-55% to 45-35%.

 – Damage to Stunned affix replaced with Lucky Hit: Change to Restore Resource.

 – Illuminator’s first bounce occurs much closer to the player.

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Monster Density

• We are increasing monster density in Nightmare Dungeons and in Helltide.

 – Bosses above Level 60 will have more health. Examples:

 – Bosses at Level 60 and below remain unchanged.

 – Bosses at Level 80 have 50% increased health.

 – Bosses at Level 100 have 100% increased health.

 – Bosses at Level 120 have 120% increased health.

 – Bosses at Level 150 and above have 150% increased health.

Bosses and Events

• Level 35 and higher boss monsters will now have a 100% chance to drop a Legendary item.

• Treasure Goblins now have an increased Legendary item drop chance from Level 6-14 and guarantee a Legendary item drop starting at Level 15.

• Legion Events are now more rewarding and guarantee a Legendary item drop starting at level 35.


• We have made multiple improvements on how damage and other effects interact with active barriers.

 – Bonus damage or bonus effects that are applied on-hit or when dealing damage will now apply that same effect through barriers.

 – Ex: The Exploit Paragon Glyph will now apply Vulnerable to enemies that have an active barrier.

 – Cheat death effects will now work properly when the player has an active barrier. This also affects PvP play.

• Varshan will now break through any Bone Wall segments he dashes through.

• The cost for refunding Skill and Paragon Points has been reduced. The reduction starts small at lower Levels and hits a maximum of 40% at Level 100.

 – Ex: Level 50 – 12%, Level 60 – 18%, Level 70 – 24%, Level 80 – 30%.

• We’ve increased the stack limit for Elixirs from 20 to 99.

• An additional Stash Tab can now be purchased at the Stash with gold.

• We have restored the cast time for Leave Dungeon back to 3 seconds.

Malignant Hearts

• Caged Heart of Spellbreaking

 – Changed to: Upon taking Elemental Damage, gain 10-20% Damage Reduction for 5 seconds.

Generic Unique Items

• Temerity

 – + All Stats affix replaced with Max Life.

 – Barrier is now based on maximum Life.

 – Now properly accounted by conditions checking for the player having a Barrier.

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