Gamers can now get mouldable hand grips for their PS5 console in the Exogrip

Hardcore gamers wanting long stints in the chair and increased controller comfort now have a new accessory to try.

The Exogrip is a mouldable grip that you heat up in boiling water, mould your fingers to as it cools and then slot over the joypad.

Conforming perfectly to your hands, the idea is that it gives enhanced comfort and control during gameplay.

The makers at startup accessory firm Exogrip hope that it’ll reduce hand fatigue and cumbersome play during long stints in front of your console.

The PS5 controller grip utilises patented technology that transforms it into a malleable material when heated.

It allows it to perfectly shape to the user’s hand making it comfortable to use.

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The three-step process is simple – heat the grip, grip the controller, then game. It takes just a few minutes.

Samuel Coombes, founder of Exogrip, said: “Having been obsessed with gaming for most of my life, I noticed that the longer I spend doing it the more uncomfortable it got.

“Exogrip’s smart-grip solution is simple but effective and gives gamers just what they need – comfort and control, which adds up to a better gaming experience.

“Most gamers will stop at nothing to unlock new gear, improve their times, work their way up the leader board and level up their gaming ability to beat their friends.

“This self-moulded grip gives them that all-important competitive edge.”

We got to try the accessory and were quite impressed not only by how unique and personal the grip became on use but also how it improved comfort for longer sessions.

That said, with the PS5’s DualSense controller arguably already one of the best in the business, we’re not quite sure whether this is a game changer enough for a £25 outlay.

If you’ve got money to burn and want even the tiniest bit of extra help in your gaming it’s worth a look.

For casual players it might not be revolutionary enough.

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