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In the last year or so, it seems Apple has come to realize the devices it is putting in everyone’s pockets are actually quite powerful and can do a whole lot more than just browse the internet and send text messages. Playing video games on a phone is familiar practice, but with the release of iPhone 15, Apple is making a push to compete with the likes of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This is why games like Death Stranding and Resident Evil Village are making their way to the newest iOS device, the latter of which releases October 30.

In honor of that looming release, Marcus joined me for a look at the game on this new platform. It’s difficult to show exactly what Resident Evil Village looks on iPhone 15. The screen looks sharper and the framerate is higher than I am able to capture, but we do our best to offer at least a small taste. To ruin the thesis of the video a bit, the conclusion is that Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 looks good and plays well! As long as you are playing with a controller. The touch-controls render the game nearly unplayable. The U.I. is supremely distracting and Resident Evil Village was not built with the touch controls in mind, and it shows. But if you have a Backbone controller or a Bluetooth controller (like a PS4 or PS5 controller) than you will be in good shape to fight werewolves and Lady Dimitrescu on a handheld platform.

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