Lies of P update – Early patch notes and DLC plans for excellent Souls-like

One of the most pleasantly surprising releases of the year, Lies of P has racked up some impressive review scores since launching earlier this week. It may not be quite on the same level as the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3, Tears of the Kingdom and Resident Evil 4, but it’s a fantastic game that’s well worth checking out. Heavily influenced by FromSoftware games such as Bloodborne, the bizarre Souls-like puts a fresh spin on the story of Pinocchio, as players explore the plagued city of Krat putting frenzied puppets and monsters to the sword. Unfortunately, however, it’s not been all smooth sailing, with some fans falling foul of game-breaking bugs and glitches.

In a recent blog post on the game’s website, Lies of P director Choi Ji Won confirmed that an update is on the way.

After thanking fans for playing the game, Choi Ji Won said: “We have received numerous feedback and bug reports from our players, and we’re working hard to address them through an update.

“As gamers ourselves, we understand how frustrating it can be when a game doesn’t work as it should. Rest assured, we’re preparing an update to address those issues while maintaining the stability of the game.”

Based on previous reports, the new update should fix a game-breaking bug found in Chapter 2.

“Before defeating the Chapter 2 Boss the ‘Scrapped Watchman’, if the players attempt to enter locked rooms within Hotel Krat a game-breaking bug may occur preventing further game progression.”

Expect the issue to be fixed during the next update. 

Likewise, additional crashes have been reported on Steam, including the ‘LowLevelFatalError’ bug.

As fans await the fix in the next update, the developers suggest performing an integrity verification test.

In addition to outlining some of the changes coming to Lies of P as part of the next update, the development team confirmed plans to reveal new content in the coming weeks.

“Furthermore, we promise to share additional details on the upcoming update very soon, once they have been finalised,” Choi Ji Won continues.

“In addition, we will be providing a roadmap of the contents planned for Lies of P as soon as it is ready.”

It’s unclear whether the new content includes a full expansion or multiplayer, but any new content will be welcomed by fans.

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