Lil Gator Game Gets New Game Plus And 'Baby Mode' In Free Update

When Lil Gator Game launched last December, it captured our hearts as a fun, cozy adventure that drew obvious inspiration from the Legend of Zelda franchise. The low-stakes exploration, vibrant environments, and charming cast of characters all made for a cute, low-stress adventure that we couldn’t help but enjoy (read our review here). Today, developer MegaWobble and publisher Playtonic Friends announced a new content update for its well-liked title to entice players to give it another go.

The free update, which arrives today on both versions of the game, adds new content as well as additional languages. If you’ve beaten the game (which doesn’t take long), you can now access New Game Plus. This lets you carry your upgrades from you completed save file directly into the new game, giving you more exploration and customization options right off the bat. It also adds Baby Mode, which allows you to play the entire game as the baby version of Gator. Finally, the game is now playable in French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish.

Lil Gator Game is available now on Switch and PC. For more on the short-but-sweet adventure, check out our review.

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