Overwatch 2 Invasion update early patch notes – Story missions, balance changes

Overwatch 2 fans are counting down to the release of a massive new update as part of Season 6. Titled Invasion, the new season introduces a selection of story missions, which take place on some of the biggest maps ever released in Overwatch. Season 6 also launches alongside a big new update, which goes live at 8pm BST UK time on the evening of August 10. That’s on top of a new Battle Pass, as well as the Invasion Bundle for access to the new story content.

Elsewhere, Blizzard will add a new Support hero to the game. Illari will be available instantly with the Premium Battle Pass, or by reaching level 45 on the free tier.

Of course, the Season 6 update will also make a boatload of balance changes to the Overwatch 2 heroes, including Cassidy, Torbjorn and Soldier:76.

As you can see from the early patch notes below, Cassidy will receive a health boost, while the range of the Magnetic Grenade will shorten.

Torbjorn, meanwhile, will receive a boost to his fire rate, plus increased weapon swap speeds.

Needless to say, Blizzard will continue to experiment with Lifeweaver, tweaking Tree of Life and lots more.

You can take a look at the Overwatch 2 Season 6 patch notes below…




• Armour damage reduction is now additive with other sources of damage reduction and respects the current cap of 50%.

  – It used to be multiplicative with damage reduction from abilities, creating situations where certain heroes were much more difficult to damage than intended since they were bypassing the damage reduction cap.

  – This shouldn’t be a big change and will mostly affect Ramattra and Orisa.



• Magnetic Grenade

 – Maximum range will shorten with a 1.5-second max travel time

• Health Increase

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• Primary Fire

 – Faster fire rate

• Faster weapon swap


• Helix Rocket

 – Reduced damage

• Ultimate cost increase


• Fortify ability will now grant 125 bonus health


• Part of Tree of Life’s healing will now be converted into Overhealth – up to a maximum of 100 health per player.

• Portion of health converted to shields

• Increased healing for Rejuvenating Dash


• Protection Suzu

 – Reduced healing

 – Additional burst of healing when when cleansing negative effect

 – Removed knockback


• Damage boost reduced from 30% to 25%


• Block will reduce stuck damage


• Block will reduce stuck damage

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