PS5 Slim tipped for September release, as new model leaks early

It looks like Sony is gearing up to release a slimmer, leaner PlayStation 5 console in time for Christmas. Footage of a new PS5 model was leaked by insider BwE. The new PlayStation 5 console (which you can see below) looks very similar to the existing model, only with a thinner base and removable side plate for adding a detachable disc drive. A PS5 with a detachable disc drive has also been heavily rumoured in recent weeks, which further validates the leaked footage.

If the rumours are to be believed, the new model will launch next month, which means fans can expect a full reveal in the coming weeks.

Sony will reportedly stop producing the current PS5 models before the end of the year, which will help the company reduce costs.

Unfortunately, however, the rumoured PS5 Pro model is tipped to launch during the 2024 holiday period.

The new and improved PS5 Pro will reportedly be capable of running games in 8K with superior ray-tracing support.

With a PS5 Pro and new Nintendo Switch both tipped to launch next year, gaming fans better start saving their money for the new hardware.

There’s also a chance we could get a new Grand Theft Auto game in 2024, or at least before the end of the next financial year.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to launch in the second half of 2024. It will reportedly cost around $399.

Devkits are already said to be in the hands of major gaming studios, as all the big companies prepare for the console’s launch.

Sharp is believed to be manufacturing LCD screens for the device, while a Chinese company is thought to be making cases for the handheld/console hybrid.

In terms of new releases, Nintendo is thought to be working on a new 3D Super Mario game for the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2. 

Without any gameplay footage or new details, don’t be surprised if Metroid Prime 4 is held back for the new Nintendo console.

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